Waiting for Winter

by the fire
Fall should be here in my town, however the weather is still hot and dump. How
it usually goes here in Athens is this... you wear your summer clothes and shoes
and suddenly one morning it's cold and raining outside and you're wondering

if the winter boots are reachable so that you can wear them to go out!
I cant wait to set the fireplace on fire!

by the fire
love getting cozy by the fire.
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Until then, enjoy fall time my friends!

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  1. Καλο Σ/Κ Όλγα μου.
    Τέλεια τα τζάκια ... εχουμε όμως καιρό μεχρι να τα ανάψουμε :)

  2. Oh my goodness the cats look so cute. It's a bit colder here but not cold enough for a fire yet, and I need to fix my log burner before it gets too cold. When we moved it here, one of the glass windows broke !

  3. Δεν ξερω τι λες,
    εγω φευγω για μπάνια χα χα!



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