Thinking of Christmas


Christmas is in the air, can you feel it? Too early, you'll say. But just think...61 more days...
well nope, it's never too early for Christmas! So allow me to convey this feeling to you my
friends and so you'll have plenty of time to begin with preparations if you start from...NOW! :-)

Welcome Fall!

sweater-wrapped votive
For the past two or three days we're all dressed up in our fall outfits too here in Greece.
The weather is getting a little colder, people in the streets are opening their umbrellas, and today
I took off my sandals and put on my boots for first time this year. Let me say here... finally!

White Spaces I Love

I'm so into white spaces lately, especially when they have a little bit (or more) of
black in to the color scheme. Those rooms look so bright and fresh and serene, couldn't
really choose a fav of mine. Ah...I'm in love!

Fireplaces: Before & After

Fireplace no.1
The Before
Before: Dark & Empty
Stunning Fireplaces Makeovers found in BHG.
Enjoy and be inspired!

Saturday's Inspiration


Sweet and Glamorous Dreams!

What I Did Last Week...

... I was helping a friend paint some of her blank boring walls. She needed a touch 
of color and she asked for my help as she hadn't tried painting before. 
This is what we did.

House Tour: Mixing Old and New


I'm not a fan of the old stuff, but in this case the combination of old and new
together in every room of this house gives an elegant and classy feel which is
so appealing. Pay extra attention to the wooden ceilings, the buttoned white sofa, the
Pantone chairs (which are my fav chairs of all times), the gorgeous bed and the details
such as the chandelier of written notes above the dining table.

Six Fabulous Bathrooms Makeovers

created at: 08/13/2012
Hello my lovely friends! It's so good to be back and have a chat
with you all. I told you how I missed you, didn't I? Well I really did!
So, today I'm bringing you some great bathroom makeovers to be inspired
and steal one idea or two. Personally I choose as a favorite the first one
and the one with the neon bathtub. Do you have any favs?

Saturday's Inspiration (wishing for colder days)


Imagining hot stylish interiors like this one, picturing myself curled up in the corner of the white sofa
and sipping a cup of hot in total contrast with the weather here that we're still waiting for
autumn to come!

Thanks for Making This Possible! Spread The Word!

House Tour: A Feminine Home

Townhouse in Brooklyn 1
Definitely feminine! From the very first picture you can tell that only a woman could be living here.
And the high heels shoes in front of the mantel in one of the last photos prove it.
Enjoy this beautiful and serene house tour!
*(see more of this house tour after the jump)*

Art Above Sofa?

(option 1)
The space above the sofa
I'm working on a mini makeover in my living room these days and I would very much
appreciate it if you would let me know which of these art layouts you'd prefer best.
For your guidance, the artwork that I've chosen is a kind of abstract.
So take your pick and help me out here, will you? :)

Girl's Bedroom Reveal! (and how to paint polka dots on a wall)

I finally got around to taking some pictures of my daughter's and son's bedrooms that recently got a mini makeover. Let's start with my daughter's room, shall we? I gave you a hint back in August here and
some of you got an idea. But... first thing first. Let me show you the photo that has been my
inspiration for its specific wall for quite a long time now (by Emily Clark):
Above circles are wall decals and I wish I had known that before, because in fact I didn't
and I only found out later on... after I had PAINTED each one out of 100 circles!
Anyways, I'm happy that I did and I'm proud to finally reveal my little girl's bedroom! 
So this is our own painted version of polka dots:
(find out after the jump)
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