Update of a Stair Landing

Take a look at the before photo of this stair landing. Doesn't say much right? Well, now 
scroll down and take a look at the after photo. Stunning transformation indeed! 

Love the metal wire, dying for that chandelier, drooling over the gallery wall!

If you want to see more before and afters of this house tour go here


  1. Holy Cow! Whoever did that transformation is a genius. I do not know what else to say. It's sheer genius. I want to live in that space! You know, my staircase railing is JUST like the one in the before picture, except mine isn't painted, it's stained. Oh my. Okay, you twisted my arm - I clicking on that link right now and taking the house tour. I don't kno where you find such fabulous things, but I visit your site regularly for JUST such inspiration. Thanks, Olga.

  2. Καταπληκτικη αλλαγή! Ο τοίχος με τις κορνίζες μου αρέσει πολυ ... κάτι εχω πάθει με το συγκεκριμένο θεμα :)
    Καλημέρα :)

  3. Τελειο εγινε , ο καναπες εκει ψιλοκρυμμενος δεινει υπεροχος!

  4. Τέλεια, η αλλαγή, λες και είναι διαφορετικός χώρος. Το ξύλο στο πάτωμα με τη σιδερένια κουπαστή,με έχουν τρελάνει.

  5. Η φωτογραφία μίλησε!


  6. I went to check out the whole house, they've done an amazing job. I love their style !


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