Armchair Reupholstery Reveal!

Remember when I was asking for advise for this wing back chair that I used to hate?
I mean look at her... she is UGLY! However, this is the last time that you see her like that!
Well it's time for the big reveal...
Are you ready?....

DIY: Wood Wall Art (by Sarah)

Hi, I'm Sarah from The Winthrop Chronicles and I'm so excited Olga invited me to guest post for you guys. I worked as a TV news reporter for NBC and then took early retirement ;) to stay at home with my kids. I have three little ones under the age of 5 and a wonderful husband. I stay pretty busy with potty training and picnics, but I try to find time to craft as much as possible. 

I have made a few items for my little girl's room, and would like to share them with you.

Photo on Wood Wall Hanging
The first is an easy way to transform any picture in to artwork.

Amazing Photography, Amazing Dogs

Hey guys check out these amazing pics I came across while reading Between Naps on the Porch 
of doggies playing fetch balls... underwater!

DIY: Orb Chandelier


Isn't it a great Chandelier or what? I don't know about you folks but I lurve it! But how much
would this cost? Hmmm... probably I could not afford it.

Coming soon at an IKEA near you!


New products are about to be added in IKEA's catalogue.
They're from the PS series, i.e. design items at low prices, and they are expected at
IKEA stores mid. of May.
So take a look of what Appartment Therapy and IKEA say that is expected.

Pastel & Neutral Bedrooms

Goodmorning everyone!
My sister in law asked me yesterday for some bedroom inspiration photos, as she is looking for an update in her master bedroom. Well, here they are! Pastel and neutral colour pallet as she specifically asked. Not my type of bedroom, but I must admit that they all look nice, clean, serene and tranquil.  Plenty of inspiration photos for those loving this look!

White Bedroom

Saturday's Inspiration

Flying Over Paris

via Swede Dreamer

Hope your weekend will feel something like that!

Thanks for Making This Possible! Spread The Word!

Crafts And More (by Kim at RePOSHture)

Boy Howdee! No I am not from the Midwest, I just like saying that. It sounds so fun. Hi I'm Kim from Reposhture! I consider myself a baby blogger as my blog is only a few months old but she is starting to roll over, with the help of people like Olga!  When she first asked me to guest post, I was really hoping it meant I would fly to Greece and post from her computer but she said no. Bummer. I am a guest posting virgin so I hope this goes well otherwise I may have to start stalking Olga =0)  

All kidding aside, I want to thank Olga so much for asking me to guest post on her amazing blog. I was
up all night thinking of things I wanted to write and make her glad she asked me since she has set a very
high bar, indeed.

So what do you want to know about me? I sometimes act blonder than I pay to be, I love to make
fun of myself because you can't take yourself too seriously, I love God, parentheses and exclamation
points, (no really! I do!). Initial art and run-on sentences and I sell painted furniture on the side, when
I am not being a full-time mom and wife, part-time audiologist, and part-time craft blogger.
That makes me like three kinds of tired.

I have made things my whole life and hardly ever use things the way they were meant to be used.
That would be boring and expensive and in my own  mind, I am amazingly fun, but really cheap.
One of my goals with my blog is to help people to look at things in a different light or use things in a
different way and inspire them to rethink the ordinary into the extraordinary. Often times my changes are
little but they make a big difference, sometimes it is a truly Ah Ha! moment and I have to do my happy
dance. I have seen some of your creations and I know you all are doing some pretty exciting happy
dances as well!!

Anyhoo, here are some of my most fun projects to date:

The materials: masking tape and floral wire

The result: Sunburst Mirror which is a knock-off of a Z Gallerie Phoenix mirror

The tutorial is on the blog in easy step-by step pics. This only took 3 hours!

Vote For A Room

Anybody is familiar with the store Joyus located in USA? Well, they've put together a super fun contest challenging seven interior designers / bloggers to work in an empty room with some specific furniture 
and accessories they were given by the production and in a limited time they had to come up with the 
best design they could. I've chosen four of them to show you today and I'm really curious to 
see what you would vote for. My fav is... well I'm not gonna tell you! I'll wait for your votes
at the comments section under the post and then I'll let you know!
Let's see the rooms please, shall we?

Update of a Dresser

First of all, I have an announcement to make... just found out that Stardust is now in the blogroll
of Desire to Inspire, a very successful blog and one of my every day addictions! 
I'm so thrilled and excited! Thanks Kim and Jo for including me!
Now... remember when I was telling you that I was working on some projects lately?
Well, the first one was the kitchen chairs makeover that I posted here, the second one is what I'll show 
you today and the third is going to be published shortly since it's been the most difficult one! 
So, today I''ll talk to you about the second project, my son's dresser makeover. Since he and his 
father are both fond of the football team "Olympiacos" (football is very popular in Greece and men 
can get fanatic about it),  he specifically asked that he wanted his room to look like the colors of 
his favorite team! (and he's only 4 years!)
Anyway, here's the flag of Olympiacos to get an idea of my plan:

Easter in Greece!


On Good Thursday we dye eggs...
   homemade easter egg dye

House Tour: J.B.'s Tree House in Greece!

Blue Forest Tree House eclectic exterior

Yes that's right! This amazing tree house is located in Athens, Greece, which means
somewhere very close to where I live! (can you feel my excitement? lol!)
The tree house is housing a family and their son. It was designed so that it blends in  with
its natural surroundings and it was specifically required by the owners that no tree should be
cleared during its construction.

Guest Post: My Champagne Taste

Hey there Stardust fans! My name is Rasha.... I have a little Blog called  mychampagnetaste . I was so excited that Olga asked me to guest post , Me guest posting oh of course YESSSSSSS.

Today I will talk about 3 of my favorites projects:

1- My Silver Leaf Dresser:
If you hate sanding, then you should love silver leafing .Wood, laminates, glass, Plastic any surface can be silver leafed without any problem and it will look EXPENSIVE. You can check out the step by step tutorial at my blog.

My Spring Decor

Hi there lovelies! It's been a very busy week for me and my family. Many birthdays and name days
to come so it requires a lot of preparation. Moreover, Easter is approaching and we have to dye eggs,
bake cookies etc. Anyways, I found the time to add some spring touches into my home and I'm here to 
share them with you. First up is my kitchen wall. Remember the wall behind the table when I showed you
my kitchen? Well I was thinking for some time what to do with it. I've been meaning to remove 
the decals and add some frames, but I hadn't decided what kind of print.
So, a little trip to IKEA helped me out! I bought some RIBBA frames and some
flower prints and here is the result: 

Random Inspiration

Come on in people, let me show you around my house!
Would you fancy a refreshment out in the pool perhaps?
All right then... put on your bathing suits and I'll prepare some snack for later...


How I wish...

House Tour: A House in Italy


This beautiful, cozy, inviting and full of personality house, is situated somewhere in the country of Italy.
It's really hard to define the style they prefer since it's mostly a mix and max of all kind of styles.
The sure thing is that the owners of the house were not afraid to use color, which makes
you feel the happy vibes it's sending! I know I do!
But the big surprise comes at the last photos where you get to see the backyard (if you could call it that!).
I'm not gonna tell you what to expect... just scroll down! :)

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