House Tour: A Swedish Appartment


You must know by now that Swedish are so much into design and decoration. White, bright, airy
and uncluttered spaces are the main characteristic. This is another perfect styled home as an example
of what this nation is capable of doing into interiors! And of course once again you can see the
influence of IKEA that we all love! Enjoy!

Two DIYs To Die For!


The first DIY is the most simple one. Simple as in... just add silver plastic sequins and some
water in a plain glass vase and you're all set! Pretty simple right?
Simple but yet so eye-catching! I'm absolutely stealing this idea!
Check out Sania Pell At Home to find out more on this one.

glam disco vase
delicate disco vase

Before and After of a House


Who's in the mood for a good Before & After? Yeah, I know you want it!
Who wouldn't enjoy a stunning transformation of a whole house with only a little
paint and some great decorating skills? And this one is really amazing!
So if you want to find out how this room was transformed keep continue reading
or just keep on scrolling down!

Saturday's Inspiration

Steal the idea....

.... for an Evening Beach Party

Crochet Transformations (by Barbara)

Guten Morgen Ihr Lieben!

My name is Barbara and - maybe you've already guessed it - I'm from Germany. I'm so happy (and a little bit excited) to be your guest entertainer today. Thank you Olga for inviting me to write this guest post for
S t a r d u s t,  it's a pleasure to be here!

My blog is made in k-town, and it's all about crochet: blankets, cushions, potholders... the usual stuff and a little bit more - I'd love to meet you there one day (even if you're not a passionate "hooker" like me *gg*).

Recently I've participated in the 3rd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week and in this context I introduced my readers to "Frostarella", my latest creation:

Now Olga thought her readers (hey, that's you! *gg*) might be interested in this project as well, after all it matches some of the most frequent tags in Olga's left side bar: DIY, makeover and transformation. Oh, wait -  I can even score another point for IKEA, jippie!!

You can buy lots of brilliant stuff at IKEA, scented candles and candlesticks, glasses, vases and flower pots (you know - the usual suspects in your shopping cart). Some weeks ago, I also bought a birch stool by the name of Frosta and turned her into Frostarella.

I started with the cover for the seat and worked kind of "freestyle", without a pattern, just playing around with stitches and colors. After that, I couldn't stop myself and made covers for the legs as well, and embellished them with buttons.

I'm happy with the end result, and you know what? Frostarella is happy, too! For her version of this story, please hop over to my blog and read Frostarella's Tale.

See? Crochet doesn't have to be the good old fashioned potholder and doily, you can make cool and stylish stuff as well. Have you ever tried to crochet around a stone? They make a great decoration for your window sill and are perfect as a little personal gift:

Maybe we can have a little chat about crochet covered stones some other time, I'd love to come back here again and tell you more - that is, if Olga wants to have me here again :)

Thank you for dropping in today, have a   t e r r i f i c  week-end everybody!


Isn't it adorable? A plain stool transformed to a unique handmade piece!
I so much admire people with these kind of skills (I suck at this field!). 
So my friends if you liked what you saw, pop over at Barbara's blog and say hi!
She'd be happy to see  you dropping by and you maybe get to know a new friend from overseas!
Thanks for Making This Possible! Spread The Word!

Gallery Walls!


Don't you just love gallery walls? Not only I love them but I also admire how nicely frames are
arranged in these photos. It is the perfect way to turn a big empty boring wall into a statement of the art!
It's more likely to be seen in hallways and living rooms. If you've decided to attempt it Curbly has a great
article with a few tips that could help you start your own gallery wall. You may also find useful my pin on
how you can arrange your frames on a wall, and for picture hanging methods you may visit the link for plenty of great solutions.

Recipe Time: 3-Ingredients Greek Biscuit Dessert!

Greek Biscuit Dessert 
  This is one of my favorite desserts everybody, if not THE MOST favorite one! 
I'm proud to present to you what we call here in Greece Kormos (tree log) or Mosaiko (mosaic)!
We usually make it during summertime as it is kept in the refrigerator, and it 
can become pretty addictive! I urge you all to try this simple recipe consisting
of only three ingredients! Tempting ha? 
Preparation time: 10' min. maximum

Guest Post by Pincushion Creations

Hi!  I am Katie and I blog over at Pincushion Creations and I am so excited to be here!   I  am a mother of a little chubby one year old boy and wife to a wonderful husband!  I love to sew, scrapbook, use modge podge...anything crafty! ,  It's my outlet from a crazy, busy, totally in love!!
I am somewhat new to this blogging world...only a few months old, but I have been loving every minute of it!  I have met so many amazingly talented sweet women!  At my blog you can find sewing tutorials, diy crafts, recipes and much more.  I hope you will swing by!
  I also host a fun {Homemade By You} link party EVERY WEDNESDAY!
I decided to share one of my "Most Viewed" Tutorials:
No Slip Kitchen Towel

Introducing Katie from Creatively Living

Hi all of you Stardust Decor and Style readers!

I'm Katie and I blog over at Creatively Living, where I am usually tearing down walls, or crafting up some decor, all for the sake of my big love.....DIY house renovation!

I'm so glad to be here today. I'm going to be sharing my nursery lamp remake. 

Panic Room. Alternative Interior Art?


Now, I don't know what exactly this is. Yes, I know it's a room, at least this is
what it seems like, but does someone actually live in this room? Is it from inside a
house, a hotel (?) or just a show room for those three people from The Big Addict
to show off their creativity and graffiti skills? The only thing I know is that they
call it "The Panic Room" and that it was too interesting and bizarre not to share it!

House Tour: A Tiny Home


This is a small apartment. A very small apartment. In fact it is a tiny apartment!
It is only 19.5 sq.m. (i.e.215 sq.feet)! But it is so cute... and stylish... and white... and bright and
I think I'm in love with it! Oh well, I won't say much, I'll let pictures talk for themselves.
I just think that maybe, - I say maybe - I wouldn't mind be living in THIS small space!
What about you?

Before & After: A Place to Call Home

Hi everyone, I'm Jen from A place 2 call home. I'm so excited to be here sharing a 
few areas of my home. We bought a 122 year old home, so we have the great pleasure 
of having some fabulous before and afters. 
Our foyer. It wasn't much of a welcoming area when we first walked into the house.
We painted, refinished the floors and filled it with some functional furniture. I really love the view into the kitchen now.

Incredible Babies!


There's an email going around these days with these adorable babies!
Babies of all kind of nature, sea babies, animal babies, dog babies, human babies!
I know it has nothing to do with interiors, but it's too cute not to share it with you guys,
just couldn't resist! After all, I'm blogging about beautiful pics, aren't I? :)

A 1920's House Amazing Makeover


The photo above doesn't say much, does it? Who on earth would buy this house from
this particular photo? Probably noone! Well, take a look below and see how it has been
transformed by some pros' minds and hands, so that it finally was sold for $629,000
(instead of the amount of $300.000 that was previously sold)!
Here is how it looks today:

Stylish Wedding

The most stylish wedding ever! The lovely couple started planning their wedding one year before and
with the help of friends and family they made this special day unforgettable! Loved all the details,the
wedding dress, the red shoes, the vespa, the reception, the lollipops, every single one detail! And how
about the last two photos? I find them breathtaking! The reception venue took place at her parents'
farm in New Tripoli. Enjoy!

Saturday's Inspiration

I don't know where this photo was taken...

via Design Sponge

DIY: Loft Bed (by Joanne)


Hi I’m Joanne from Create Inspire Motivate, a 3½-month-old blog, published by the girls in our family sharing our inspirations, projects, successes...and even some failures.

We are three sisters Mandi, Michelle & Nicole, one sister in law Jackie and the mom (that’s me). Each of us has different interests and talents but we’re all very resourceful and we love to create.
Olga asked me to share with you a little about the redo my husband and I have done on my son, C’s, bedroom. This is the second post in what will eventually be a 4-5 part series. Almost every aspect of the room is a DIY project in one form or another and some areas are still “under construction”.

The reading couch was our first pallet furniture project but hopefully it won’t be our last. While it’s only in inspiration form now, I predict that in the future there will be a post about the building of an overstuffed pallet ottoman with storage space for my family room- we’ll see.

Deck Before and After

Since most of you liked the side yard makeover that I posted yesterday,
here's another magnificent Deck transformation found in Appartment Therapy!

A DIY Throw, a Yard and a Bathroom

I've been obsessed with Curbly lately, a very interesting blog introducing other DIY bloggers and their projects. The ideas and inspiration are numerous and I just cant stop reading it!
So today I chose three projects that got my attention.
created at: 10/31/2011

First up is the amazing Patchwork Throw that I must have somehow!  Click on the link if you want to
find out how to make your own.

A completely different project is the Before and After shot of this Side Yard Makeover.
Yes I assure you my friends that you're looking at the same side yard at both shots!

created at: 04/23/2012
created at: 04/23/2012
And last but not least we have the Makeover of this Bathroom for less that $500,00!
Isn't it stunning? And I loved the bright yellow curtains! They add so much interest and fun
into the space!
created at: 07/25/2011
created at: 07/25/2011
Which one is your favorite?
Thanks for Making This Possible! Spread The Word!
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