Makeovers by Top This Top That

Hi Stardust readers! I am Laura from Top This Top That and I am so excited to be spending some time with you and Olga today.  I wanted  to show you a few of my favorite room makeovers that I have done and shared with my readers at Top This Top That . I have lived in my home for about 9 years and each room has probably seen a makeover- at least once. Here's a few of my favorites.
I was recently challenged with what to do with the faux stone effect in my guest bath. This is what it use to look like before

6 Must (and wish!) Have Chairs

Ladies and Gentlemen (like if there is, I present to you the six most favorite of mine, 
Designers' chairs! I'm quite certain that most of them are out of our price range, so we will have 
to enjoy pictures for now! Let's roll...

Barcelona Chair

An icon of modernism.
Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich in 1929 and was originally intended
for the King and Queen of Spain. It is still designed and manufactured according to his 

With a Roll of Wallpaper

I stumbled upon a very interesting article at Better Homes and Garden, which is about what
you can do with a roll of wallpaper. More than 20 ideas of how you can use a small
roll of paper, or even some leftovers of previous wallpapers projects.
Herewith, I chose to present to you only some of these great ideas, which I really found
very interesting and innovative. Go on, be inspired!
Brown table with pink floral table top

Saturday's Inspiration

Wish that your weekend will find you in a place like this...
Pinned Image

Before and Afters (by JAX does design)

It’s amazing how blogging connects people from all over the world – Olga is in Greece and found my 
Canadian blog when I wrote about a makeover I did on a RAST cabinet from Swedish Ikea using 
Greek Key O’verlays from the USA. Interior design is definitely an international language! So of 
course I said YES when Olga asked me to share my RAST hack and some other makeovers with 
you – it’s a wonderful opportunity to “meet” some new bloggers and make new blog friends :-)
If you aren’t familiar with the RAST cabinet, it’s a pretty basic piece of pine furniture with three
drawers and pine knobs.

Our Gallery Wall! (or should I say Cabinet?)

Well I I've got to tell you something here. I've got to admit that lately I've been secretly green of envy of 
all those great gallery walls created from other bloggers. And I was longing for one in our own home. 
But where? Which would be the best spot and what to put inside the frames? Something that wouldn't 
cost a lot, that's for sure! These were some of the questions running through my brain the past few days (however there were much more bigger issues in there I assure you!). When suddenly it hit me! I would make a Gallery Wall on the side of our pantry! You see, when someone is sitting on the love seat 
in the living room, this is what you see when you take a peek into the kitchen:
This big dark brown wooden pantry. And it isn't much of interest, don't you think?
So I thought to myself let's make more vibrant, let's give it some color!
So you wanna see the outcome? Well I bet you do, you nosy creatures. :-)
OK here it is! Ta-Daaaaaaa.....

Saturday's Inspiration

Thanks for Making This Possible! Spread The Word!

Living Room Transformation (by Dixie Delight)

Hi Stardust readers!  I am Amanda from Dixie Delights and I was thrilled when Olga invited me to post here today!
Almost three years ago, my family moved into a lovely, yet somewhat outdated forty-four year old house outside of Atlanta.  The family room was the first on the (extensive) list of rooms to tackle!   Here is the before:
April 2009 080
April 2009 081
...and, after a WHOLE lot of paint, too many sewing projects, furniture and accessories, here's where we are today!

Garden of Dreams


You could possibly imagine this is an alley in a Greek island. At least this is what I thought when I first saw it.
But no! This is the creation of an interior designer Veronica Martinez in Madrid who participated in the Casa Decor Madrid with this project.  Lots of natural materials used such as linen, wood and wool and the meters of fabric in between and around the ceiling make this space feel relaxing and ethereal.  I bet that anyone would feel happy only just by laying in there, enjoying the silence. *sigh* Wouldn't you?

Saturday's Inspiration

For hot summer nights...

...steal the idea!!!
Thanks for Making This Possible! Spread The Word!

Little Moments

Hello Stardust readers!! I'm Courtney, from Little Moments where I blog about design, crafts, DIY projects, and life! I'm going to share two of my favorite projects of most recent! A home design and a party planned!

I am so thrilled to be guest posting today and can't wait to show you my most favorite home renovation. My husband and I have re-created our Texas home Master Bedroom into a calm retreat!
I am an Interior Designer by trade, so this is right up my alley!

Our Master Bedroom; most definitely one of my favorite rooms in our home. And mostly because, after lots of time putting it all together and slowly accumulating all the special is complete!!
Where did I start in the designing?? Take a look!
I first started with a floorplan, arranging and rearranging the furniture multiple times until I loved it, and it probably changed again after that!
Then I pulled together images of my favorite furniture pieces, patterns and colors.

Before & After of a Classroom

I have received many comments and emails lately, asking me for more Before & Afters posts.
And since today is Friday, which means getting to know another fabulous blogger, I thought
I might combine both a guest blogger and your request in one post!
Because, my lovely readers, your wish is my command!
So, here we go...

This is a classroom. I imagine you can tell that, but what you my not know is that the teacher
is absolutely responsible for its transformation! And when I'm talking transformation, I
mean great and big and gorgeous remodeling. You won't believe your eyes when you
scroll down...

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