A Tiny Office


We are in the heart of Paris and this is a rooftop space which used to be an old machine room that  previously housed a motor lift. It was in pretty bad shape due to the weather and since it had been vacant for a long time. When a design team rented the place decided to renovate it and completely transform it with the minimum possible budget. The team paid particular attention to economy of means and space but yet to be fully functional...... 

DIY: Create Unique Tables (at the cheapest!)

Are you ready for some good DIY?
And when I say good I mean AMAZING DIYs!
Without further ado, I'm giving you the photos of what really caught my eye and the links to those
great blogs to check them out for many more crafts and ideas and see the complete
tutorials on any of the following you find interesting or inspiring!

An Outdoors Table made out of pallets
Max with the new Succulent Table.
Probably the cheapest table ever! What you need is only 3 pallets and some nails!
Oh... and the legs of an old table! For the how-to go here.

Saturday's Inspiration

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My family and I are going on a mini vacation to celebrate Ash Monday!
It's the days of the carnival here in Greece, so everybody is wearing costumes and lots

Love Made Me Do It!

This is the name of the blog that I accidentally stumbled upon and saw this gorgeous house
that immediately caught my eye. It's a unique house with its very own personality and it is located in
South Africa (God knows how I want to go there!).........

DIY: How to enliven your dining wall

You want to spice up your dining room's wall and don't know how?
Well it is so simple... just add... what else... mirrors!
Mirrors always make a big impact! Make a room look brighter and bigger.
And what Laurel from Abode Love did to her dining room, is the perfect example.
This is the dining room Before...

and After adding mirrors...

House Tour: Los Angeles Bungalow

This is a typical Eclectic house located in Los Angeles.
Notice the colors how vibrant they are and they make such a nice contrast?
This is because the owners were inspired by jungle's harmony of colors!
It was found in Houzz.

The Jungalow eclectic


How I wish I had an entry to my home!
Most apartments in Greece lack an entryway, as they are small and space is limited.
Or a mudroom for that matter. A place to take off our shoes, hang our coats and bags.
Am I asking too much? So allow me to dream that if I had an entryway it would
be something like that...

Saturday's Inspiration

Let's imagine for a while...
Imagine yourself relaxing this weekend... 
listening to nice soothing music,
drinking a glass of champagne and 
bathing in this bathtub...
just imagine!

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Blog Redesign!

It was high time to have my blog redesigned! I spent many many hours trying to figure out things,
creating buttons, choosing colors and stuff like that! I stayed awake until early
in the morning to get it to look like this. Finally it's done!

There are still some more customization and some little changes to be made,

Tea Party!

Check out this wonderful tea party with the little ones.
Have you ever seen anything cuter than that?
Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

Colorful Interiors

Hello my lovely stardusted friends!
How are you doing today? Well the weather is really cold here and I'm already missing
spring and summer. So I thought I should post something that will remind us all a little bit of spring and sunshine! Something colorful, vibrant and maybe with a touch of flowers.
Well prepare yourselves for great colorful spring-like interiors...


Great Stuff from Great Bloggers

I have great stuff to show you today! Great stuff from great Greek bloggers that
recently awarded me with the following awards. I'm very proud to present them to you,
they're inspirational, they're crafty, they're unique, they're all worth visiting!  
Check them out:

The first one is from Art Nouveau:
Great blog which I love, posting inspirational pics every day and it's also 
included in my every day's addiction!
Art Nouveau is giving away for the month of February only, this amazing bed for 580Euro!
So hurry up and get it, it is amazing!

This one I received both from Faidra and from Thomi's world

Faidra is an amazing crafty girl, and I mostly loved the musical instrument
she created out of a simple drawer! Can you believe it? It is called "santouri"
and here it is:
or this one that could serve as a tray:

And take a look at what Thomi from Thomi's world did:

A diaper's cake! Isn't it awesome? She wrapped some diapers nicely, added little
blankets, some baby socks, toys and she created another
kind of cake which makes the perfect gift for a newborn baby, 
don't you agree? I love it!

So, thank you very much ladies for honoring me with these awards! In my turn I'll pass these awards to all
of my lovely readers that are dropping by Stardust today! 

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Introducing Kristen @ Titus 2 Work in Progress

I am so excited to be sharing here at Stardust. Thank you for having me, Olga! My name is Kristen and I blog over at Titus 2 Work in Progress. I am a Christian wife and mommy busy crafting, cooking and living out Titus 2:3-5. Loving my family and being a homemaker are two of my greatest joys, but I am definitely a work in progress!

My daughter, Ellie, recently had a whimsical fairy party. Today I want to share with you how I put together my shabby chic layered tablecloth. It was exactly the "look" I wanted and sooo easy to put together. Check it out:

House Tour: A House in Sweden

This house was built in 1720 and was uninhabited for the last 50 years. Finally Gustaf Willers
decided to buy it and give it a chance and a new breath of life.
So after several months of extensive renovations, he settled in with his wife
and their three children.

Saturday's Inspiration

It's the Simple Things in Life...

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Decorating with Loud Modern Art

Hi everyone! I'm Jessica, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a website with a wide selection of affordable light fixtures and a blog with daily interior design inspirations. I'm excited to be guest posting for Olga today because I'm going to be sharing some beautiful rooms with loud modern art.
Modern art is all about experimentation, and that can result in unexpected shapes or
bright, dramatic colors.
I hope you enjoy these rooms as much as I do!

Useful Links & Tips for Bloggers (Part II)

Blog Sweet Blog
After the success that my previous post "Useful links and tips for Bloggers" had, 
I thought I should share with you some more links and tips that you may find interesting,
or even more if you've been wondering "Gosh... how do I do that?".
So, here we go...


When you add a link to your text, there is a small white box at the left bottom where it says "open this link in a new window". Always tick that box so when someone clicks on the link, it will automatically open in a new tab or window, and this means that they won't have to leave your page and can return back!

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