My Gypsy Boho Heart!


I was never fond of camping, but this way.... YES PLEASE!!!
Seeing these pictures, I can close my eyes and imagine of sheikhs laying down surrounded
by female bodies in veils, sensually dancing, giggles and engraved glasses filled with wine.
Come with me to a journey into time...

Well it's true...It's All in the Details!

Axel Vervoordt 1
How many times have you heard that it's all in the details? You may fall in love with a room
not realizing at first glance what details make it outstanding. Frequently most people when
they gather inspiration photos, they focus in on a wall color, furniture piece, accessories or
fabric pattern. They don't realize the impact of one's room architectural details or interior
design and how these speak to the overall design. Here is a set of examples for you.

Keep Calm!


If  by any chance you are about to be working this weekend, let it be in an office like this!
Work can be better and more productive in such places, don't you think?
Happy weekend my friends and whatever you do, don't forget to...

The House that Overlooks the Pacific Ocean

ELLE Riding the Waves 1
No comments here, just look at the view...

House Tour at Costa Del Sol


A unique country house in Costa Del Sol, near Malaga, full of character. Textures, colors
raw wood and a variety of fabrics give this home a positive breezy vibe. Especially
loved the outdoors and the poolside! Enjoy!

Feeling Good...

feel good!
Saturday's already here, how good does this feel? So try to send the worries away and
enjoy a restful weekend, doing what pleases you the most. I leave you with some lovely
pics of great styled interiors, food for thought for the weekend!

Style & Joy in 75m²


A bright and airy home in Madrid, bathed in light that makes my heart sings! Stealing some ideas from this one, as my father's home (where I grew up) is 75m² and I could never imagine that
with some effort it could turn up like this! Daddy... guess what, changes are coming over to
your place!

Three Easy n' Inexpensive Projects To Do

Here are three of the latest projects I've been craving about lately and absolutely pinning onto
my pinterest board for future reference. First one is this gorgeous pair of jeans transformation.
I'd love to have a pair of pale pink jeans like these ones and I do happen to own some old and
out dated ones, so all I have to do is follow these easy steps on how to bleach and dye them.

Nostalgic Home

Today allow me to transfer you to the late 20's to the old days where the cinemas were playing films in black and white only, cars were only a few out in the streets and women had very
thin eyebrows. Cause this country Australian home will make you feel this way... romantic
and nostalgic of that era. Enjoy!

What If...

... you would have to wash dishes in this gorgeous kitchen, would you mind?

An Open Space in Stockholm


So, I'm back (really?)! I wasn't gone-gone, just needed a break. Anyway, I've returned
with this beautiful open plan house with interesting way of mixing old and new,
modern and retro. Hope you enjoy my friends!

Back to the Beach


This morning we had a good breakfast
and then
heading to the beach for two days!
Into the sand.
laying under a shade like this...
Happy first day of summer! Re-pin if you wish you were sitting under this umbrella right now!
Stay tuned as I'll be back on Monday with a full post!
Love you guys!

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See ya...

Taking a break out of ... everything? I guess.
See you ... when I see you guys! Hope it won't be for too long.

Bye bye Google Reader... Welcome Bloglovin'!


As some of you might know, Google Reader is shutting down from... today! And as from
that date, you will lose the list of blogs you follow. Now the easiest way to re-follow
all your beloved blogs is
where you can easily transfer the list of all the blogs you already follow so you don't miss out.

I am such a fan of Bloglovin and you will be too! If you have a few minutes today, make sure 
you make the switch! Bloglovin' even has a way for you to import the blogs currently in your reader into your new account! How exciting is that? That means no huge time investment to 
just move everything over. Totally simple, stress free and convenient. It literally takes less 
than 3 minutes to do! Click here to see how you can do the switch, you won't regret it. 
Here is my profile, don't forget to follow Stardust - Decor & Style. :)

Bloglovin - replacement for Google Reader
And do it fast before you lose me and I cry! Just kidding... but I'll be sad though.

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