Little Secret Garden

Wealden Times Arts & Graft 16
Wouldn't you just love to have to pass through this little paradise every day
while entering your home? I know I certainly would!

Wish you a happy weekend my friends!

More on this house tour here


  1. I checked out this amazing house too Olga and it's original source is from The Wealden Times. I know this name because I come from the Weald of Kent and the house is in a town that I know - about three big towns East along the sea from me. Now I'm off to pin - thanks for the inspiration !
    I hope you're having a great weekend x

  2. Αγαπητή μου Όλγα είπαμε καλό Φθινόπωρο? Δεν είπαμε:)
    Καλό Φθινόπωρο λοιπόν και πάντα όμορφες ιδέες όπως μας έχεις συνηθίσει!!

  3. Holy Hathor! What a house. I'm not so inspired by parts of the decor and find the bathrooms cold and stark, but overall, it is just an awesome space, except for that kitchen, eek! I can't see cooking up a gourmet meal in that space. Then again, I've never cooked up a gourmet meal in my life... My guess is that the home is one very expensive piece of real estate - looks like it's a shared building?? Hard to tell for sure from the photographs but it appears there is a common hallway. But I could be wrong about that. It might just be a large hallway running through the middle of a very large house!

    1. Jan hi!
      Well in fact it is a three-floors estate in England that houses the owner's home and his atelier. I'm with you for the kitchen, it seems messy to me, but again I'm an organizing and clutter-free freak(!), but I do like the table and the chairs and how old and new are married together. I do like the bathrooms, they're mysterious in their own way. What I do like the most is the hard wood floors and that daybed! :)
      Love, Olga


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