Saturday's Inspiration


Wish you all a Happy New Year!!!
May all your wishes and goals come true!

Kitchen Delight

Do you spend hours in the kitchen cooking and preparing meals?
If your answer is yes, then you'll be overwhelmed by these delightful kitchens!
Pink, neutral, green, eclectic, traditional or modern, all those kitchens are a real bliss! 
See what's your style and take your pick.
And if your answer is no, then you most probably will feel like doing so!

Random Inspiration

Just found out this great site with many amazing inspiration pics.
I think it's worth paying a visit.
Chose some random pics to show you that caught my eye!

DIY: What to do an old frame

Hello, hello everyone!
How was your holidays? My family and I had a great time somewhere on a Greek mountain and enjoyed our literally white Christmas! It was really fun!

Well now... do you happen to have an old frame and do not know what to do with it? Do not throw it away, as I'm gonna show two ways on how to turn a simple frame it into something beautiful and useful.

A. Transform it to a modern shelf!

Saturday's Christmas Inspiration


My dear Stardusted friends,

My family and I are leaving for a few days to celebrate Christmas,
so I'll be back with a new post hopefully on Tuesday 27th!
However, I do have some rules for you to follow...
...spend some quality time with your families during the season,
eat a lot, drink a lot, enjoy a lot, laugh a lot!
Oh... and gift a lot!

Wishing you all a Merry Merry Christmas!


Modern Interior Decorating {by Sierra at Ocean Dreams}

Hello my lovelies!

Please allow me to introduce to you Mrs. Sierra at Ocean Dreams who is willing to give us some advise on how to achieve a Modern Interior look for our homes, using unique furniture, accessories and lighting.

Set Aside Time During
Your Holiday and Create a Magnificent Modern

If you desire to redecorate your home with a modern appeal
there are many accessories and design elements that you can choose from to
create the look you desire. Clean lines and neutral background tones are two
ideas that you can consider when redesigning your home and making it modern.
Offset your neutral tones with bright colors and add supporting elements such
as abstract designs. Accessories and lighting are what sets a modern style
apart from other popular designs that are currently trendy.

Modern Bedroom Designs

Introducing Sherika at Passionately Perfect

Hello everyone, I'm Sherika over at Passionately Perfect! I'm so honored Olga allowed me to come share my lamp transformation with her wonderful followers!

I'm currently in a gold and wood stage in my life!

I either want everything glamorous gold or rustic wood, my husband is probably happy for the masculinity that has suddenly come in to play!

I have a few lamps around the house that really needed some sprucing up! 

DIY: Bottles & Jars!

The past few days I've been wandering in one of my oldest member's blog Eva's blog. She is also Greek as I am, and I'm amazed of how talented and creative this girl is! She has made so many inspiring crafts... I couldn't choose which one to post today! So, for starters I decided to show off her handpainted bottles and jars! Simple empty bottles of whiskey, milk, water, that in her hands are being transformed to real handmade treasures! Please, see for yourselves and enjoy these eye candies!

Simple Easy Wall Update

I was at a birthday party the other day that our good family friend Maria and her husband threw for their little boys. When I had first visited their house, their kids room had a simple, beige, boring wall color. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of this before wall (and why should I shoot a simple, beige, boring wall!) but 'm sure you can picture this in your mind!. So now when I entered the same room a surprise was waiting for me. The hubby had painted the walls in such a way to create a highway scene, used colours to create the ground effect and then placed some McQueen stickers on. So simple! So easy! So much impact! The boys were really excited with the outcome! And I was amazed by the result!  

A Giveaway and an Advise!

I usually don't blog on Sundays, but today I'll make an exception because I have two important things to tell you guys:

You need a room-redesign but you can't afford it? Well I've got big news for you! Enter the most amazing Giveaway ever! Visit Mix and Chic for the details and TWO lucky winners will receive an online design service with the value of $290.00! The lucky winners can pick any room they like for a makeover and they will receive a moodboard and general consultation on how to place furniture, colour of the walls etc. 
Hope I'll be one of those two winners!


I found out that most likely Google Friend Connect is being discontinued! Do not know why but it is said so! As I'd hate to lose even one inspiring stardusted member, please, if you like follow along in a reader or subscribe by email entering your email in the box on the right side bar, so as to be safe!

Saturday's Inspiration

Love the purple in the all natural scene, the chandelier
and the very loooooong curtains!
Happy weekend everyone!

Feat. Joy-n-Jesus

Today, I'm featuring a very sweet girl with a very beautiful name... Jewels!
She is the author of the blog Joy-n-Jesus and is a very creative and crafty young woman!
Well, take a look here-below at what she's made for Christmas and then hop on over to her blog and leave a sweet comment. I know this would make her day!


Happy Friday! Don't you love Fridays? Oh, I do! They mean more time with family and it always gives me the motivation to do something fun! Here is what I did!
So After seeing my sweet and creative friend Tanya's Advent Calendar it inspired me to create this. I just love banners, and this was fun and easy! I started by digging through a past scrapbooking kit from Personal Scrapper, grabbed some papers and was off. I loved the polka dot one so I found papers that had the same color scheme and laid them across my kitchen table.  Then I measured my fire place mantel from one end to the other, which was about 63, and divided that by 25. With my measurements I knew that I could make each piece 2 to 2.5 inches and that is what I did and cut the triangle at the bottom for effect. Just like my girl "T." 
With all 25 spread across my table I cut the twine the length of the fire place mantel and placed a thin line of glue on #1 first and then slowly made my way down the twine: glue, twine, glue, twine...
 On the back we placed the activities we will do each day. Or if you don't want to plan ahead too much you can do a couple at a time. I adhered the 3x5 card with a small piece of scotch tape so we could remove on each day. If you want some great ideas for activities you can check out Little Joyful Moments or Tanya's post.
 And here is what it looked like all finished on the fire place. 

Have a blessed Friday and may the JOY of Christmas bless you and your family!

And there's more.....

Hey! Hey! Hope your December is peaceful and you are able to stop and take in the many Joys of the Lord this Christmas season!  I am sure the Christmas cards are starting to roll in and pile up on those counters. Today I want to share a simple Christmas Card Solution I created. I used twine, ornaments, mini stockings, and all the cards people send us. Check out the video below...
Christmas Cards are one of the precious joys in the Christmas season! Especially the ones with pictures!  Love the simplicity of a card, love that it is not overspending, yet it blesses others and 
expresses the true meaning of Christmas!

   If you are interested I picked up the stockings at in the dollar bin at Target (that's my spot lately) :) and also picked up the bling, mini, red ornaments which I love! Hope you enjoy!

Don't forget to check out the giveaway I am doing Here! Have a blessed day, and enjoy today!


Introducing Kelli at The Inspired Collection

Today I'm blog swapping with Kelli from The Inspired Collection. 
I met her through the Link Party she throws every Tuesday.
So after you read what she has to say, head over to her lovely blog to 
check this out for more and say hi.  After all, I'll be there to welcome you!

Hello fellow readers and bloggers! My name is Kelli and I am the creator of The Inspired Collection. Today I am so excited to be swapping places with Olga from Stardust-Decor & Style and excited to have the opportunity to share a little about myself and The Inspired Collection!

I am a newlywed, and first time home owner, who entered the bloggy world in July of 2011. I decided to start The Inspired Collection to share our journey of creating our new construction home into our own personal oasis, and it has turned into so much more. I love sharing my inspirations, crafts, and have really enjoyed sharing all of our fun and yummy recipes. I have had so much fun connecting with other bloggers and readers and have enjoyed sharing my creations, as well as reading and learning about everyone else's creativity.

(me and the hubs)

I hope that you can find the time today to stop on over and give a shout out to Olga, as well as check out some of our posts. Here's a sneak peek of what The Inspired Collection has to offer and a button to grab!

The Inspired Collection
Here is a little Christmas craft that I created over the Thanksgiving break! I decided to dress up our dining room chairs, these red velvet ribbon and pine cone decor really gives it a little pizazz! 
Check out our christmas chairs!

I recently completed our first gallery wall.
You can read more about where I found my inspiration for it, as well as how it was created.

This has been one of my favorite recipes, Dessert Kabobs, a simple and yummy treat!


Here is a peak at my very first furniture remodel. I gave this hutch a new life, from drab to fab!

I am currently loving these AMAZINGLY SIMPLE wine cork magnets!

And of course, our kick off post featured Our DIY Wedding. Since our wedding in June we have attended 4 more weddings and I featured all of them and their creativity in each of their own posts.

Thanks for taking the time to read a little bit about me and The Inspired Collection and a special Thanks to Olga for blog swapping with me today! She rocks, doesn't she?!  I know my readers are having a blast checking out all of her amazing projects! I hope you guys will stop by my page and check it out! Thanks for getting to know me and The Inspired Collection! 

DIY: Santa's Footprints & Christmas Crafts

First of all I wouId like to thank all of you my lovely readers for your support and for making my little blog growing steadily! Yesterday I reached 100 followers and I feel so grateful for this! A big thanks to all of you!

Now... onto Christmas season! Here is a little trick on how to create Santa's footprints, which is especially effective for the little ones! You just take some soda, or flour, or you can buy plastic snow and you sprinkle around the perimeter of a boot. Now, think of the children's faces when they get up in the morning and see the footprints next to the presents! I think this is an awesome idea and... well it is effective for me too! After all, aren't we all kinds during the Christmas season? This tip was found and created by my beloved Funky Junk Interiors.

House Tour: A House in Poland

Another treasure find from the blogland!
When I saw this great house with its natural  and woody elements,
so simple, cozy and full of light, with its great exteriors surrounded by nature,
I knew I had to share it with you guys!
Well, enough talk... time to check out this gorgeous house!

DIY: Tissue Paper Christmas Tree

Goodmorning my precious readers!

For today, another DIY project capturing the Christmas spirit. There are so many creative ladies out there with so many fantastic projects which I find in the link parties I visit every week.  I didn't know which one to choose. One is better than the other! But this one is really cute and easy to make and most important... won't cost you almost anything as it is made out of tissue paper! So pick your favorite design of tissue paper, buy a styrofoam tree foam, get some glue and there you go:

Saturday's inspiration

Oh! the weather outside is frightful 
but the fire is so delightful
and since we have no place to go
let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
(Oh how I wish it would....)

Blue Christmas door traditional entry

DIY Christmas Decor: Snow Globes

Goodmorning everyone!

How are you this lovely sunny morning? Well in fact I'm not only singing but I', also dreaming of a white Christmas! Wouldn't it be nice? But until that time comes that we get to see Christmas and snow at the same time, I have something really really cute resembling to white Christmas! It is snow globes that you can very easily make on your own. They were found during my visits to the link parties and is made by the amazing blog It's Overflowing. It is worth paying a visit there as you will find many more handmade ornaments and other great Christmas decorations and stuf! Oh and also don't miss to see the transformation of her kitchen.

My Living Room

Today I'm not gonna show you any of those stylistic and great rooms that I use to, like those from my beloved Houzz. Today's room is not created by an interior decorator... it is made by me and it is my one and only simple and humble Living Room! The pictures were taken a week ago, before we decorate for Christmas. Notice the sunshine outside? It is 18C here in Greece these days! Hope this will change for Christmas. Oh I'm mumbling again! So see the pics below and then I'll tell you what I like, what I don't and what I need to change. So, please follow me and let me tour you!
As you walk through the front door you find the living room at your left. Here it is:

Snippets of my Christmas Decoration

Christmas is all around la la ...
To get into the spirit, my lovely stardusted readers, I give you some snippets of my Christmas decorated house.
During the day

Guest blogging at The DIY Show Off!

What I'm feeling today is beyond excitement!

One of the sweetest girls in the block(gs), Roeshell from "The DIY Show Off", made me the honor to be her guest blogger for today! I'm so thrilled and excited and... well... nervous, as it is the first time for me that I'm getting to introduce my blog to such a big audience!

So head over and visit

The DIY Show Off

and see what I had to say. During your visit there stay a while and check out also her amazing Farm House Tour and the Tutorials on her DIY projects. And there are plenty of them! And don't forget to come back and leave a comment... I want to know how I did it!

Thank you Roeshel once again for inviting me over!


Saturday's inspiration

So simple, and yet so comfy and serene!
Am loving the outdoors! Imagining relaxing there with a good book and a cup of coffee!
Happy weekend everyone!


A last minute's sort of Advent Calendar

Hello my stardusted readers!

Today it was a crazy day for me. I was super busy as it was my birthday and I had to prepare the house for some good friends and family that were coming over.Meanwhile I head over to IKEA for some stuff that I wanted and there I saw some cute Christmas little paper bags. I liked them so much that I had to buy them without knowing what I would do with them. When all the visitors left from our mini party (great cake by the way!) I came up with an idea! Since tomorrow - well...actually today - is the 1st of December I would make    a kind of an advent calendar! So, I put a number on each one of them, filled them with kid's stuff and... wanna see my creation?

I've been awarded!


Today when I opened up my e-mails I saw that I had received an award. An award? Me? For what? And from whom?

Eclectic Living

Are you a free spirit? Is your characteristic the freedom of expression? Are you the type of person who likes living outside of the box? Then most likely you enjoy living eclectically and most probable you own such a room if not an entire house. 
An eclectic style is full of unexpected items, including at least two or more decor styles. 
An eclectic room may be defined by play with color, shape or function. It is never boring. But you have to be careful if you try to attempt this style, as you need to pay attention to each object you include. 
Take a look at the following fantastic eclectic rooms for instance and see how it works. It may help you out and get some more ideas. 

MJ Lanphier eclectic living room

Living Room / Dining Room. eclectic living room

Kitchen Remodel

Goodmorning my lovely stardusted readers!
How was your weekend?
Today's feature is Suburbs Mama who recently remodeled their kitchen and turned out great!  They painted the cabinets all by themselves,  changed the subway tile, placed a new very nice and practical sink, put on some new knobs and handles... and there you have it! An amazing transformation! Let's take a look....


Saturday's inspiration

For this weekend I will let you dream with this Glamorous Silver Bedroom!
I cannot tell what I like best... the glorious bed, the colour palette, the romantic wallpaper, or the chandelier... it is so queen like!
Enjoy your weekend everyone!



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