DIY: Clocks on the Wall

Do you happen to have an empty wall somewhere in your house, 
and you don't know how to decorate it?
What do you think of the idea to hang a handmade clock? A clock made by you
very easily with things that you may already have at home that will cost you 
only a few dollars / euros! Here is how: 

Amazing Kitchen Makeover

Hello my lovely stardusted friends!
It's very cold today here in Greece and it is almost snowing outside! Yipee!
I've got a bad cold myself and I'm stuck in bed for the last days. But the good thing is
that I had plenty of time to wander through the internet and found some amazing stuff!
So, here we go! I saw this amazing kitchen makeover and the after pics are
so gorgeous... you can't even believe this is the same kitchen!

Found in Better After

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What I love most is the colors they've used. The combination of all white cabinets
with the pale grey on the walls and the accessories in soft blue, just make this place look so
clean and fresh and bright!

Saturday's Inspiration

Colorful and Elegant Interiors!

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DIY: Metallic Three Panel Art

I saw this DIY project in Young and Crafty and thought I should share it with you guys!
It seems to be easy to make and the outcome is really rewarding!
But the coolest thing about it that the whole project costs only $60!
Well, I think I could easily use it in my living room, it would match perfectly!


This is the picture where this creative lady draw her inspiration.


What you'll need is only this:
1. Metallic paint (3 shades plus some black)
2. Three canvases
3. Plaster of some kind

Now, the steps:
a. Spread out the plaster in circular way (as you see it in the image above)
b. Allow the plaster to dry
c. Time to paint. Start with the lighter color from the very center of the painting.
d. As you work outwards start blending the colors until you use
the darker one at the end of it.
e. Make sure to paint in between the canvases and all the edges.
(for the full tutorial with pictures please click here)

And there you have it!


So what do you think? Cheap and great art for your room created by your own hands!
LOVE it!

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Tips for Sprucing up a Room

Today's tips are brought to you by Sierra at Ocean Dreams 
(check her bio at the end of the post).
If you want to see her previous post she's written for Stardust, please click here.

Simple Accents that
Make Your Home Ravishing
If you’re in need of simple décor elements to spruce up the interior rooms in your home finding
just a few new accent pieces may be a lot easier than you think. It’s important to look over your overall design in the room first before deciding what new items to buy. Observe the theme 
you currently have or decide what theme you’d like to switch to.  It might only take a few 
subtle changes to obtain the look you’re after as opposed to redoing the entire space.

House Tour: A House in Paris

Not exactly my style in the interiors, but...
a. I love everything in the kitchen....the wooden dining table, the chairs, the glass lighting, the mantel!
b. That glorious stairways and the huge painting is breahtaking.
c. The patio that makes me wanna grab a blanket, a hot cup of coffee and get lost in a good book.
d. The fact that you have to walk yourself through this picturesque pavement full of pots with plants and flowers in order to find your way into the house.
e. And finally did you notice the exteriors? I mean it's situated right in the heart of a Parisian lovely square  - in which I've been myself several years ago!
How could I resist my friends? Have a very lovely week!

Happy Anniversary Darling!!!

Hello my lovely stardusted friends!
Today I'm gonna get personal... 
On Friday the 20th of January Mr. Hubby and I were
celebrating our 11th Wedding Anniversary! 
So, while I was at home in the morning the bell rang and it was from 
a flower shop company that brought me these:

I'm Featured on Remodelaholic!

One of the blogs that I'm subscribed to and read every day is my beloved Remodelaholic. I'm following this site since day one of my blog existence!
So you can imagine how thrilled I was to know by Cassity that my bedroom makeover would be featured on Remodelaholic today! If you're not familiar with this blog, let me tell you that they feature the best out of the blogland and also they're in continuous search for improving their own house themselves! The best part of their site for me is the pages "Our Houses" and "Our Projects", which you should pay a visit for a lot of inspiration!

If you're visiting from Remodelaholic or if you just want to refresh your memory on my bedroom makeover just click on the picture below!
This post is one of my oldest, since I completed the look before I even started blogging. In fact it was this project that inspired me to start a blog and share my love for improving our homes!

Thanks Cassity and Justin! It means a great deal to me! 

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Saturday's Inspiration

Lovely creatures in winter!

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found in Coniglio Giallo

Amazing Light Cube Giveaway!

I'm so excited to be hosting my very first Giveaway! It's a great one and
it is brought to you by LampLust

Rechargeable Remote Controlled Lighted Cube Mood Object
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It is a Rechargeable Remote Controlled Lighted Cube where 
you have the option of selecting the color as well! Isn't it great for your outdoors, 
patio, balcony or garden? You could use it as a table or as a stool. 
The cost of the Lighted Cube is $129.99 (told you it's great!)
For more specifications you can click here.

Rules for entering the Giveaway:
  1. You must be a resident of the U.S. only (sorry European friends!)
  2. I would love for you to follow Stardust via GFC and/or subscribe via email (if you already have, that's awesome!
  3. Simply click "Enter to win" on the gadget here-below (or on the right sidebar) for one participation
  4. For extra points of participation you can follow LampLust on Twitter (+1), like on Facebook (+1) or share it (+2). 
  5. a Rafflecopter giveaway
This giveaway runs for 40 days and the button is placed at the top of the right sidebar and already counting. There will be several winners of all the blogs that host this giveaway that will be chosen by and will be informed by email. Good luck to all of you!

Living Room Amazing Makeover

The following Living Room received an amazing makeover by designer
Alison Royer over at BDG style. 
You guys have to see it... it's unbelievable! Especially the fireplace which
received such an amazing facelift!
(found in Hooked on Houses


The Versatile Blogger Award!

Hello my lovelies!
One of my bloggy friends Emma over at La vie, style et beaute', has awarded me 
The Versatile Blogger award! Her blog is full of tips and advise on fashion, style and beauty! 
Go check her out ladies! Because we don't want only our homes to look better, right?
Thank you very much Emma for thinking of me! You're such a sweet girl! 

I'm supposed to write seven random facts about me, but since I did that last week, please 
excuse me I'll pass that (who wants to read stuff about me anyway?).

Now, it's my turn to pass it over to 10 other fellow bloggers, which are:

Some useful links and tips for bloggers

Good morning everyone! Hope you had a great weekend!
Through my wander in blogland I've discovered  some useful links - besides all those creative blogs I'm following - and tips, which I thought I should share with you, as they're of much interest.
Drums please...
  1. Free templates and backgrounds:                                                                                                       a. The Cutest Blog on the Block, b. Leelou Blogs, c. Shabby blogs and d. Btemplate.             I think these four, are the best that I've found so far with the cutest templates ever, which you can easily add in to  Warm Home  your blog if you follow some simple instructions.  

Guest blogging at Keeping it Simple!

I'm so thrilled to be guest blogging for Kaysi at Keeping it Simple today! Kaysi is an awesome girl whose blog is full of simple, easy and most important cheap crafts. Her moto is: keep it simple!

So head over to her lovely blog, which I'm sure you'll find interesting and check out on some of my favorite posts over there. Please click on the pictures to be taken to the original post.

Reversible skirt

24 Household ideas

Not so boring T-shirt

A special thanks to Kaysi for this guest post opportunity!

Saturday's Inspiration


Wintery frozen patio...

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DIY: How to make a Chandelier

You want to make your own chandelier and you don't know how or you're afraid 
to take the steps? Well, fear no more!
Check out the full tutorial of this great Drum Shade Chandelier here below
that the two girls At the Picket Fence have created.
You will only need a pendant light kit, a drum shade and fabric of your choice. 
It seems really easy to make and it cost them only $45.00. 
And if you have any questions for the process they are willing to 
reply to you all! Cool right?



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Bathroom Transformations

Some amazing Before and After pics of  great Bathroom Transformations 
found from my beloved Better After blog.
You have to take a look at this to see how nicely creative some people can be!

My Kitchen

Hello everyone!
How are you this lovely morning?
Some time ago in a previous post where we discussed about my Living Room, I'd promised that I would show you the rest of my house as well. So today I'm sharing pictures of my small but bright kitchen!
When we bought the house from the contractor two years ago it was all brand new,
but the cupboards and the tiles were already installed.
So, we haven't made any changes for the time being. I think they're OK though.
My dream kitchen however in my mind, is a glossy black and white... some day!

I've been awarded! My second one!

Hello, hello!
Wanna hear my news?
I recently found out that my lovely blog friend Fiona from Just Paint it White

awarded me with great balls of fire...

Have you visited her blog yet? She has some mad skills in stenciling! Go check it out!
Thank you so much Fiona! I'm so flattered!

And as a part of my acceptance, I'm required to mention 5 unique things about myself .
Even though I don't feel comfortable doing so, I'll do my best. Well, here it goes:

  1. I have two older brothers, my daddy (my mom passed away), one husband and                               two adorable kids! Ooops... and a lovely little dog named Silky!
  2. I could live for the rest of my life eating only spaghetti, sweets and candies!
  3. I've been trying to lose weight since I can remember myself!
  4. My best night out would be going at a theater or at a casino!
  5. My dream is to live someday in a house somewhere in a mountain,                                                  with a big garden, lots of animals and surrounded my nature (sigh...)

And now I'm required to pass along this award to 5 other deserving bloggers
that are really worth paying a visit...
...which are....
(click on the images to be transferred to their page)

Art Nouveau
Great inspiration pics to choose from a variety of styles!

ReMade Simple
For loads of craftiness by Kristina!

For the amazing transformation of Tee's lovely home!
(featured in this blog here)

For the amazing and touching story on how Sarah saved her adorable dog Lily!

For Eva's amazing talent on drawing and painting and crafting!
(featured in this blog here)

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