Guess What...

Travel with style..
I'm gonna pack some pretty necessary stuff...

Just Beautiful...


Oh I so much admire spaces that feel so serene and girly at the same time! The color palette
is one of my favorites and I especially love that cute round rug which most probable
is hand made and that makes it so special. And that ceiling... is a dream!

Three Simple DIYs for the weekend


What are your plans for the weekend? What about some good old DIY? Everybody
loves it, especially when it's simple and easy to make. Today I'll show
three different kind of DIYs that will only cost some of your time.
First one is a tutorial on how to create a Faux Milk Glass.

Office or Apartment?


This 90 m2 space in Amsterdam was bought as an office and was then turned into an apartment
by Nicolet a real estate developer. The work done here is fabulous. I absolutely love the
simplicity of the space. It allows the gorgeous details to stand out - like the hardwood
floors (YES!!). And the patio that was created to offer more natural light is just so cool!!!
Scroll down to see the After photos.

Dreaming of Vacation

party in the garden (via Pinterest)
Still here in the city and I'm dreaming of vacation and places to relax!
Just like these...

Timber Country Kitchen

Unique Storage
So small but yet so so cute! And it comes with a cup tree!!! It's a darling!
This is a kitchen that I would love to have into my tiny
imaginary country home! Some day...

For Women Only


Τhis is the epitome of a feminine and glamorous home! It has everything a woman
is craving for... it has fur, it has pink, it has leopard prints (it rhymes!), it has flowers,
it even has a flamingo wallpaper and of course it has portraits of women only!
Enjoy and be just a little bit jealous inspired!

DIY: How to Make a Rolling Table


I found this DIY hack at Houzz and I loved it. Wanna know the how to?

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