Vintage {by Decofairy}

Hello! I am Annastella (aka Decofairy) and I am happy being here, guest of Olga.
I thought to talk you about "Vintage" today. I have already talk about it at my blog, Decofairy, but it's an opportunity for my foreign visitors and Olga's readers too, to read about it in English.
Ι am sure that you have noticed that anything old, become fashion. Old items, mixed with modern design and take out the result of "new vintage". From knitted of grandmother to the vinyl records of our school years (oh, yes.I am almost 40!) and the juckbox to the flippers. Everything is in fashion!

I'm back!

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Back from holidays and back to regular posting. Happy to meet you again
my good bloggy friends, I missed you!
Thanks for Making This Possible! Spread The Word!

Saturday's Inspiration: My Toe Nails


I had my nails done the other day, since today we're leaving for holidays. I asked for a
playful summer and chic look and I think that the lovely girl that created
this look deserves an applause for her imagination!
Aren't they fun?

Paris Living Room Re-designed


Kirsten Karson is an interior designer offering e-design services and is also the author of
6th street Design School. I'm a reader of her blog on daily basis and when I saw how she
transformed this plain and boring living room, I became a huge huge fan of her talent.
Take a look and then tell me... isn't she amazing?

Wordless Thursday: DIY

*Glowing Jars*

(see more after the jump)

Why I've Been Silent (A Sneak Peek)


You may have noticed that I've been a little absent quiet the past few days. 
I've been working on some projects lately around the home and

How To Transform A Plain Dorm Room

A bare dorm room before decorating with two twin beds and a desk.
Or better how to move in such a room with style! Four different plain and boring dorm rooms
get a makeover from some specialists of their own kind, by adding accessories, color, rugs
and sometimes even fake fireplaces. Let's see what happens.

It's Time To Party!

What are you doing tonight? Nothing in particular? Well, how about a party? THIS party!
Let's imagine that we're all invited at this great party in this awesome place - wherever it may is -
talking, laughing, drinking those coolers, eating those delicious cakes and sweets and enjoying
our hearts out!

House Tour: A Summer House in Spain


Do you feel the heat? I mean this is one of the hottest summers here in Greece, so
I'm longing for some fresh air breeze either by going for a swim at the sea, or by searching
in the internet for cool places like this! Ah... much better now, I already imagine myself
sipping a cold ice tea under the pergola after a dive into the swimming pool and feeling the
cool breeze on my body. Do you feel it too?

Saturday's Inspiration

Suggestion for relaxing over the weekend...

Transformations / Crafts / DIYs!

Hey all you Stardust readers!!
 I'm Suzie and I blog over at my little slice of the internet called The Accent Piece.
 I'm oh so excited to be guest posting over here on Olga's wonderful blog.
I thought I'd share a couple before and afters that I have posted on my blog in the past year.
 It's always fun to walk down memory lane... :)
Let's start out with a couple furniture makeovers.

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