DIY: Table with Painted Runner

Ikea DIY Table Runner Remodelista

What would you say if I told you that you could create the exact same table with only a few
bucks? Yeap! It's very simple too. You just need to purchase a pair of Lerberg legs from IKEA
and a few planks of your desired width and color (here they used 10 planks of 95mm).

What an Idea!


Illuminating a wall by painting it bright yellow in the form of how the light goes?
Awesome! Look how the yellow is playing in this shot, it gives life and color to an

Look What I've Found...


... The pop-out outlet! It extends when needed, providing three outlets and aesthetic
improvement. When not in use it retracts back into the wall. Isn't that a smart idea?
Would love to have a couple of those in my kitchen.
It was found at Lowe's for about $40.00


Boho House on Wheels!


Somewhere in Australia... Two buses... A family of 6!
 A repurposed 1970's bus (!) with an addition of another bus from the 50's (!) come back
to life as a full house to accomadate a family of 6! I'm feeling so excited seeing such amazing
and innovative hones! Feeling boho today!

Time to DIY!

Tiered Tray

Three easy and inexpensive DIYs made by your own hands.
Choose your favourite and craft on!

Waiting for Winter


by the fire
Fall should be here in my town, however the weather is still hot and dump. How
it usually goes here in Athens is this... you wear your summer clothes and shoes
and suddenly one morning it's cold and raining outside and you're wondering

DIY: Chalkboard Mason Jar Candle Centerpiece


Probably the quickest DIY ever! Can you believe that these pretty candle holders are made
from plain mason jars and some chalkboard spray paint? In fact this is what you only need:

Little Secret Garden

Wealden Times Arts & Graft 16
Wouldn't you just love to have to pass through this little paradise every day
while entering your home? I know I certainly would!

Update of a Stair Landing


Take a look at the before photo of this stair landing. Doesn't say much right? Well, now 
scroll down and take a look at the after photo. Stunning transformation indeed! 

A New Flooring in our Home!


This is what our living room looked like the past few days. And the kitchen and the hall!
Yes, we decided to cover the old tiles with laminate flooring which in fact is a good 
resemblance of  the real hard wood. Take a look at the pictures and let me know 
what you think of it.

Back to the Eighteenth Century


Amazing villa in Spain built in the eighteen century, fully restored and renovated with
the characteristic for that era arched windows and doors that I adore. Bonus... the stone
walls and the overwhelming backyard, which to me it seems like a public square!

Photo Memories from our Vacation

 photo photo1_zps5c89a7a6.jpg
So we're back! Back for good. And while we're trying to adjust back to the every day rhythms,
here are a few of the photos taken from my iphone during our vacation.  First we went to
my hubby's home island. Please meet the island of Kefalonia.
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