Kitchen Before And After


Another stunning before and after, this time... a kitchen! Love the new open floor plan, how bright
and sunny the place is now, the artwork and how stylish it looks with the open shelving.
Take a look by yourselves and check out how the above space was transformed.

An Amazing Transformation

Before and After: the Design Love Fest Home Gets a Living Room Makeover
Bri Emery of Design Love Fest partnered up with her friend Emily Henderson and went for a 
full-on living room makeover extravaganza. Follow me after the jump to see the stunning 
Before and After: the Design Love Fest Home Gets a Living Room Makeover
Before and After: the Design Love Fest Home Gets a Living Room Makeover
Before and After: the Design Love Fest Home Gets a Living Room Makeover
via Apartment Therapy


Mini Kitchen Update

 photo c187010d-cdc7-4e7f-ae2f-ffdd61b8ede8_zpsedad9c8f.jpg   photo b8a12963-9b2d-4e1b-8d4e-3040856c8243_zps759cc4da.jpg
Before                                                                 After

I've made a few changes over the past few days in my kitchen, including:
new wall color, new bench, removing a big cupboard that took too much space and installing
some shelves instead, creating a gallery wall and finally a new rug. 
I'm very happy with how it turned out, much more interesting and fun. 

House Tour: Home in Madrid


Hello lovelies! We had a long weekend here as we celebrated Ash Monday. Unfortunately the
weather didn't help for some mini excursion, as it has been raining for the last three days.
However, this did not stop us from many other activities, and this includes seeing good
friends and eating a lot! Anyway, I think I'm mumbling, so I'll just stop talking
so that you can enjoy this beautiful, eclectic home in Madrid.

House Tour: Colourful in Sweden

I am obsessed with Alexander White's site which I found out after thanks to my yesterday's post.
The most amazing places for sale, (even though I'm not interested in buying one in Sweden!),
and I find myself wandering in there for hours. This is another example of a beautiful
and somewhat different home in Sweden.

House Tour: A Rustic Two Storey Home in Brampton, Canada

This ultra-plush home mixes dark grain woods, lush leathers and vintage décor for a perfectly 
styled bit of  warmth.

Working Out vs Playing Along!

incredible playroom makeover on
This room doesn't look like this anymore. It is now a very beautiful and stylish kids'
playground. Wanna see how it turned out? Well, I know you do.
Just scroll down and you'll be amazed!

DIY: Easy and Quick Lampshade

Preciously Me blog : DIY - Lampshade Cover
What could you do with a thrift store lamp and some fabric leftovers? A stunning lampshade
of course! An easy and quick DIY from Nadia at Preciously Me. Don't you just
love the bold colors and pattern? Below you can see how this stunning
piece looked like when she first bought it.

At Home with an Interior Designer


Black, white and raw materials such as brick, wood and metal meet together in this lovely home of
the interior designer Elizabeth Hanson. The designer wanted to achieve "a quiet and clean home
that is satisfying to come home to after a busy day" and she nailed it!

Country House in Poland. A Dream Home!

DesignRulz House in Poland 3
OMG! Words cannot express what I feel only by looking at these images. A country home in Poland
surrounded by clean and green environment. Sweet and romantic and lovely and sweet - oh I've
already said that! But just take a look, isn't it soooo sweet? Seriously, is anyone out there that
doesn't agree with me? And then comes the bathroom... nope... I wont reveal just yet,
you have to scroll down and find out yourselves :)

House Tour: A modern apartment in Madrid


A very interesting and well styled home. Love the colours and textures, as well as the raw brick walls
in the bedroom and bathroom. As for the dining room, I would say that this is
the wow factor in the whole space.

House Tour: Home in Brooklyn

Vogue American Pastoral Miranda Brooks and Bastien Halard's Brooklyn Home 1
A nineteenth-century house converted into a four-family apartment building sometime in the
1970s. The entire renovation was completed in six months. The house has a tiny but
lovely full of greenery garden, which takes us to good old times.

Interior Corners


F 9 1/6 ISO 200 45 mm Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark II
eclectic kitchen by Louise de Miranda
black and white

*click on each photo for the image source*

Gone Eclectic in Berlin


Beautiful, eclectic home in Berlin with attractive details, such as the black kitchen with the
pink touches, the wooden dining table and the painting-cupboard.

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