1 Chair Many Ways!

Chair Decor Design
Students of BHC Design School were given a project... to come up with a new look of this
Woodbender Chelsea Diner Chair and then style with a theme accordingly for a photo
soot. The students let their imagination free and this is what happened. Here I present to
you the 6 most impressive imaginative looks (out of 13 in total).

DIY or DIE! (clever & easy ideas that will change your life)

Paint your Own Faux Brick Sidewalk
created at: 05/29/2011
Hi guys, are you in a mood for some serious good old DIY today? Cause I have some clever ideas and tricks to show you that will help you out either with your home organization or with your interiors' decoration. Pretty tempting ideas to try out as they also require the littlest
of your time. Well, here we go...

Look What I've Found... Pom Poms!

MYK Pom Pom Furniture in home furnishings  Category
Small colorful pieces of soft and fluffy little balls bonded together to
create a rug, a pouf or dress a chair...this makes me feel amazingly happy!
Let yourself feel the softness!

My Dream Holiday Home!


One of my favorite blogs that I derive inspiration from, is Vicky's home, where I often find some hidden treasures! Such a treasure is this gorgeous country home in Cantabria. Completely
different style from this house in Cantabria that I recently blogged about, but oh! so girly
and romantic! I have to admit that when I'm dreaming of owing a holiday house in the
country (one day I will my friends, one day) this is exactly what I have in mind!

Relaxation Point


Now, this is the place which I have in mind when I wish to be left alone to read a book
and enjoy a cup of coffee all by myself. No fuss, no kids allowed, not even hubby!
This weekend just relax, let yourself go and do nothing if that's a possibility!

An Inspired Room Transformation


This is what this room looked like at first. Wanna see how this lovely couple
transformed it? Ok then, what are you waiting for, scroll down....

The House of The Graphics Fairy

Karen - The Graphics Fairy's house - Karen outside
I believe that most of you are familiar with The Graphic Fairy, and if you don't, allow me to introduce it to you. It's a blog where 2 new free cliparts per day are added, and if you like
free printables of all kinds (who doesn't?!) I'm sure you will soon be addicted!
Now is the time to meet Karen, the person behind the graphic fairy and her
lovely home filled with thrifted treasures. Enjoy!

Flowers Everywhere!

Flowers in decorating is... nostalgic, beautiful, happiness, sunshine, beautiful, retro,
flowers is life!

How to Transform your Balcony / Patio

ροζ και πράσινοι συνδυασμοί χρωμάτων για την εξωτερική διακόσμηση
You have a plain and boring patio and you wish it looked more "happier" and inviting and
reflecting some of your personality? Well I have the solution right in front your eyes.
All you have to do is follow these easy steps:
- adding some beautiful plants and flowers,
- a few colorful throw pillows,
- one or two lanterns and last but not least...

Outdoor Kitchen


Probably I'm day dreaming, but wouldn't it be nice to have an outdoor kitchen (not to
mention the whole place as it is!) like these ones? I'd have friends over for barbecues
all the time!

Camping Out

I've stumbled upon this amazing photographer Jeroen van der Spek and I'm fascinated with 
his work. After this post that I published earlier this week, here's another sample 
of the beautiful outdoor settings which I would die to be in he's shooting.

House Tour: Mid-Century with a Modern twist

Preciously Me blog : Brentwood Residence - Jamie Bush & Co
Great large glass walls, plenty of natural light coming through, unique pieces of furniture
(see coffee table, coat rack, light fixture, hand-shaped chairs), many meters
of drapes and a stunning outdoors place. Ladies and gentlemen I present
to you the Brentwood Residence!

Dreams by the Beach


Is summer approaching where you live? If not, are you dreaming of hotter days and nights? 
Cause I have some special beach photos to show you and help you visualize either the 
upcoming summer or your dream. Look at these pics and I'm sure you'll feel the 

DIY: Gold Lamp (ridiculously easy!)

DIY Lampe dorée
An innovative light fixture for your nightstand, console, sidetable, you name it! Inexpensive as it
may be,  using only empty toilet paper (!), gold foil and a lamp socket with bulb. It was created
by Silence on Decor in a few very easy steps Check this out!

A Mother is she Who...

...enjoys kissing you and hugging you, expecting nothing in return...
...protecting you...
...taking care of you...
A mother is she, who can take the place of all others, 
but whose place no one else can take!
To all the mothers out there......

Thanks for Making This Possible! Spread The Word!

Going out or Staying in?

I'm asking you... is there any reason to go out for the weekend if you happened to be 
the lucky owner of a place like this? ... Nooooope!

When a Garage becomes a Home

apo-garage-spiti-decofairy (3)
Nothing tells that this interesting and beautiful home used to be a garage before. Located
in the heart of Athens somewhere under Parthenon (see last image and be amazed!)
this old garage came to life with the help of the Greek architect Kyriakos Katsaros.
What's interesting is the use of the glass roof in the kitchen since the space
lacks of natural light. Enjoy!

How to Completely Transform your Patio in a few Minutes!

arbor before
A few pots with colorful flowers, some fancy pillows, and DIY curtains set the scene for
this patio makeover. A limited budget required here, or maybe no budget at all since
such things as throw pillows and pots are always available in a home,  a few spare
hours to work this out, and the outcome... see for yourselves!

DIY: Faux Marble Table in an Instant!

Great transformation over at Poppytalk's using only contact paper! Wanna know the how to?

Amazing Kitchen and Details


Hello my friends! We're back from our Easter break where it was a blast!
Now, for today a unique kitchen somewhere in France with the natural light coming
right from the glass roof! Awesome right?

Easter Decor and Tablescapes

Easter is only two days away, so enjoy some Easter inspiration photos overload!
Wish you a Happy Easter my friends!

My Month of April (in photos)

Me and the kids participated in the haloween parade (yes, haloween here is just a few weeks 
before Easter, and actually it was end of March when this photo was taken)...

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