Steal the idea... Dine Out!


Weekend is already here and I'm flirting with the idea of dining out, and by saying out
I mean out-out! Outside at an open space where nature surrounds me. Why don't you
consider stealing this idea too? It could be somewhere in a park...

A Magnificent Makeover!


Guys, you won't believe the transformation this room has endured! I'm telling you this must
be the greatest makeover of all times. But before you scroll down (hold your horses please!)
I have a question for you first... would you ever consider painting your ceiling black?
Yes, you've read that right, black! Now that you're thinking "yeah right, are you crazy?"
now is the time that you can see the after of this living room...

Tour this Eclectic Home in Missouri


A truly loved home! A home full of thrift finds, garage sales, Craiglist finds and so on.
Add  a lot of DIY, a lot of love and labour and there you have it... a home
with its own history, fresh and bright to be enjoyed and well lived in!

An Escapade to a Country Home in Mallorca


So we're back from our mini holidays, red as lobsters as the sun literally burnt us. But it was fun
and relaxing so no worries. Being in a vacation mood lately, I'd like to show you today a house in Mallorca that's meant to be for summer holidays only and I must say that it DOES serves its

Yippee! Mini Vacation!


Yeah baby! We're heading north for a mini vacation today, as it is a 3-days holiday here in Greece,
so we're taking advantage to enjoy ourselves by swimming, drinking, eating and getting some
tan hopefully. The weather is already very hot here, temperature will reach 39° C (i.e.102.2° F)

What I'm Craving For...

A foyer with a staircase like this, wow...

Look What I've Found...


Now tell me, would your kid prefer to get up in the morning or stay in bed
all day long? Hmmm... this could be a problem, or maybe not! :)

Home at Brisbane: Uplifting Splash of Color!


The light, the space, the color! The vibrancy, the warmth, the character!
Words that came to my mind when I saw this colorful, happy home, with the high ceilings,
the timber paneling throughout and oh! what a blessing to be bathed in unlimited natural light.
"It's so much fun to be in a happy and vibrant environment - it really rubs off on you!" are the exact words of the owner Helen who lives here with her young family. The decorative
choices and the house itself reflect their vibrant, bubbly and energetic personality.

Dining... Cottage Style


I would die to own a cottage somewhere in a Greek province. And if I will ever do, it's
going to be somewhere in the mountains, most probably in the Pelion mt. where nature is
overwhelming, beaches are awesome with crystal clear waters and where summer nights
are not so hot. I will have a small garden and a patio where I could relax and stare at the

The Yellow Windows

yellow window (via
Thinking of painting your door or window frames and cannot decide on a color? Take a look
at what I'm suggesting today. Think yellow! Everything seems different, brighter and happier
when you look through a yellow window. It puts a smile on your face, don't you think?

Interiors by Alexander James


Further to the previous post on kitchens by photographer Alexander James, here's an
update with interiors shot to drool over! Enjoy!

Love this Space


I like everything about this little corner... the white background, the ballerina pink mirror, the
dotted pillows, the letter "R" on the ledge, the little pottery stuff on the coffee table, the
view from the window, the simplicity of it all. But most of all I love the way the

House Tour: Living in a Natural Park


Located in the natural park of Collserola, Spain, you can imagine the views that this house
has to offer. Adventurous in renovating the whole place but was truly worth all the
time and effort. A country feel is spread all around the house as it should be.

Steal the idea... Pic Nic!


Pic nic time my friends! You choose the place, the setting, the menu and enjoy your weekend
with your best buddies as much as possible... like it was the last hours on earth!

Wood & White


Dropping by to show you the latest photo I just pinned to my board on pinterest, which
is one of my favorite settings. Natural elements, wood, white and black, a unique coffee

3 Chairs Gone Wild!


Three old used arm chairs. Three amazing chair makeovers. This is a brilliant example of
how you can turn a chair - that you're about to throw to the garbage - into a statement
piece of furniture and become the focal point of a room!

House in Stockholm

LuxuryRealEstate Apartment Stockholm 1
House in Ostermalm, Sweden with an excellent Stockholm design, open plan, big windows,
pretty stylish and interesting. It is 186 sq.m. and is for sale. Anybody interested?

Summer is officially Here!


It's the 1st of June everyone and in case you haven't noticed... summer is officially here!
Lay back and let yourself dream and relax with these easy going summer photos!

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