Wordless Thursday: Outdoors...

Patio Rules Framed Sign



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  1. Ολγα μου, πολύ όμορφες βεραντες και αυλές. Ζηλεύουμε.
    φιλιά πολλά

  2. Φανταστικά, υπέροχα!!!

  3. Thanks for posting a picture of my swimming pool - lol !
    I'm going to be buying a euromillions ticket on Friday, then perhaps I could have a place like that. Ofcourse Olga, you'll be invited to stay with all the family !!

  4. In love with these, always makes me want a bigger garden, bigger back yard - so that I could have a pool - in my dreams! Thanks for stopping by!

    - also love the room arrangement in your new post - wish the fabrics for those cushions here weren't so expensive! I'm still looking for the perfect chevron.


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