With a Roll of Wallpaper

I stumbled upon a very interesting article at Better Homes and Garden, which is about what
you can do with a roll of wallpaper. More than 20 ideas of how you can use a small
roll of paper, or even some leftovers of previous wallpapers projects.
Herewith, I chose to present to you only some of these great ideas, which I really found
very interesting and innovative. Go on, be inspired!
Brown table with pink floral table top

Orange and white rolling bookcase

detail of headboard
Bedroom with three photos on wall

DIY Wallpaper wall art

Wallpaper covered lampshade
DIY Wallpaper Project
patchwork overall
 To see all the remaining projects go here.
So, which one is your favourite or would choose to recreate? 
Thanks for Making This Possible! Spread The Word!


  1. I think I've seen that article but have already forgotten some of the ideas. I need to go check it out again - I have a few rolls and samples that need a purpose!


  2. This is a wonderful idea. Just imagine doing up few furniture in your living with the same wall paper. How cordinated it would look. I think its time I try it out.

  3. Εξαιρετικές ιδέες! Κι εγώ χρησιμοποιώ πάρα πολύ ρετάλια από ταπετσαρίες που μου μένουν. Ειναι μία έξυπνη, οικονομική και ξεχωριστή λύση για cheap art στο σπιτι ;)

  4. Great ideas and why not a table.


  5. I have seen this before and that headboard idea is still my favorite! Thanks for reminding me of that beautiful room!

    I am hosting a fabulous giveaway so come by and enter if you like. I know you will love this giveaway!



  6. definitely the best is patchwork on the living room wall. would love to recreate it :)

  7. These are all great ideas for decorating with wallpaper :-) I love the turquoise & gold paper that looks like it was put on a table top. And the "Live your dream" wallpaper-turned-art is pretty cool :-)

  8. Εξαιρετικό post!!Η ταπετσαρία πάει παντού πλέον!!Nice!!

  9. Great Inspiration Olga, love them all, and I also love the little shelf held up with a branch in the last photo !


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