6 Must (and wish!) Have Chairs

Ladies and Gentlemen (like if there is any...lol), I present to you the six most favorite of mine, 
Designers' chairs! I'm quite certain that most of them are out of our price range, so we will have 
to enjoy pictures for now! Let's roll...

Barcelona Chair

An icon of modernism.
Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich in 1929 and was originally intended
for the King and Queen of Spain. It is still designed and manufactured according to his 

Barcelona chair
Barcelona Chair. Detail.

 Ghost Chair

Designed by Philippe Starck, who is mixing the antique style with contemporary
materials and this makes it one of the most versatile chairs on the market.

Ghost chair

Panton S Chair
Panton Chair, Vitra Panton Chair & Vitra Panton Chairs
Designed by Danish Designer Verner Panton in 1963, but serial production began in 1967. The chair
was regarded as a sensation and received numerous awards. True to the original, the Panton Chair
Classic is available with a a lacquered finish in black, white or red.

Panton Chair
chartreuse panton chair
Panton Chair
Eames Plywood & Lounge Chair

          Eames Plywood Chair Image     Eames Chair
The Eames Plywood Chair was named the "Design of the Century"
by Time magazine back in 1999.
Lew Loft II contemporary living room
eames chair #eames #chair
James Wagman Architect, LLC - Loft - East Village modern dining room\

Papa Bear Chair
Pinned Image
Designed in 1951 by the Danish designer Hans J. Wegner who has produced more than
500 different chairs out of which over 100 were put into mass production and many
of those have become recognizable design icons.
West Chelsea Loft modern living room
Beach House Bridgehampton modern living room
Which one would be your favorite?

Sources: HouzzApartment Therapy, Wikipedia, Pinterest
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  1. Καλημέρα, γίνεται να διαλέξεις? όλες θα τις ήθελα, αλλά περισσότερο την Barcelona!! και να ήταν μόνο αυτές...απίστευτο design, τόσο παλιές κι ακόμα είναι must have!!!

  2. Ghost is one of my favorites. I've been thinking about buying some for my kitchen. Have a great day.


  3. Η Barcelona chair είναι για το γούστο μου μακράν η καλύτερη.!!!!!!
    σε φιλώ

  4. I love this post!!! I have always loved the ghost chair but really like the papa bear chair as well!!

  5. Yeah, great post Olga - the Ghost chair is definitely my favourite !

  6. I am soo in LOVE with the Ghost chair!

  7. Papa Bear chair is my favourite on this list...and some other Eames models you didn't include here unfortunately.... oh, chairs are my obsession

  8. Barcelona are possibly my hands-down favorites. Especially when they look like the ones in the first photo - so beautiful. I love the Papa Bears, too. Thanks for gathering these!

  9. barcelona but the links were broken for some so im not sure if i missed something wonderful


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