Stylish Wedding

The most stylish wedding ever! The lovely couple started planning their wedding one year before and
with the help of friends and family they made this special day unforgettable! Loved all the details,the
wedding dress, the red shoes, the vespa, the reception, the lollipops, every single one detail! And how
about the last two photos? I find them breathtaking! The reception venue took place at her parents'
farm in New Tripoli. Enjoy!

Style Me Pretty (via nicety)
Thanks for Making This Possible! Spread The Word!


  1. This is gorgeous! What a beautiful day!

  2. What a fun and absolutely gorgeous wedding day. Love the brides dress and all the quirky styling.

  3. AWWW so romantic post:) I will have a weeding week special soon.
    have a great week.

    LOVE maria

  4. What a cute wedding. I like their services because it is so unique. Thank you for this photos. They are so lovely.

  5. Wow what a wedding. I just love the red shoes. Have a nice day.


  6. So beautiful. It looks like they understood that a wedding is a celebration of the MARRIAGE and not the wedding. They had beautiful details nd thank you so much for bringing this to us

  7. I agree with Elna !The red shoes are awesome!!!

  8. Tι υπέροχος γάμος!!! Λατρεμενη η επιλογη του σκουτερ και θαυμασιο το χρωμα στα φορεματα των bridesmades. Τέλεια ολα!


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