House Tour: A Swedish Appartment

You must know by now that Swedish are so much into design and decoration. White, bright, airy
and uncluttered spaces are the main characteristic. This is another perfect styled home as an example
of what this nation is capable of doing into interiors! And of course once again you can see the
influence of IKEA that we all love! Enjoy!

via Desire to Inspire
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  1. So fresh and clean with just a hint of mod :) I had the chance to go to the Swedish Embassy when I was visiting Washington, D.C. and it was so sleek and modern inside- very different from the other embassies I visited!

  2. I am of Swedish heritage and I love the look! Problem is, the other half is Sicilian so my heritages are at opposite ends of the design spectrum!

  3. Τι όμορφα και απλά τα παιδικά δωμάτια!!!

  4. Αχ αχ αυτα τα σπίτια...

  5. LIked the living room so much. Especially the wall paper. It looks more like a blind.

  6. Oh yes ! I like Swedish style !!!


  7. This I know very well:) But sometimes I get tired of the swedish black and white mantra.
    I like to add more color to decor so even if im swedish my decor style isnt haha:)

    have a great weekend

    LOVE Maria


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