Introducing Katie from Creatively Living

Hi all of you Stardust Decor and Style readers!

I'm Katie and I blog over at Creatively Living, where I am usually tearing down walls, or crafting up some decor, all for the sake of my big love.....DIY house renovation!

I'm so glad to be here today. I'm going to be sharing my nursery lamp remake. 

When I designed our nursery, it was going to be shared by a 2 yr old boy and a baby girl, so I wanted it to be fairly gender neutral. I choose yellow, gray, cream, and black for my colors. I also wanted some girly touches....and I sort of got carried away with girly touches. Who wouldn't right?!

I had found this lamp at a yardsale. It's was a pretty cool lamp just as it was, but I didn't have any orange in my house, and I needed a lamp for the nursery, so it was my choice for the makeover. 

I sprayed adhesive spray over the shade and took some slinky black fabric and smoothed it around the shade. I'm not sure if I would use slinky fabric again, it was tough to get the bubbles out, the nice thing about it was it didn't ravel much, so I just sprayed the end of the fabric and left it overlapping the side where the material met to make the seam. I smoothed most of the bubbles out with my hand. 

The material inside the shade isn't the best. I did this project before I blogged,....before I showed people the inside of my lampshades! haha. 
I just cut the fabric about a 1/2 in longer than the shade at top and bottom and then gave the inside top and bottom edges a quick squirt of spray adhesive, and folded the material over. If I were to do it again, I would measure and cut the material before glueing to the shade. I would use a rotary cutter, so the edges would be very nice and straight. 

Since the shade already had a top and bottom boarder, I didn't even need to add one. My material was slinky enough to strech over the boarder and it looked like I had added a black boarder to the shade.

Next I began embellishing. I used this fabric flower tutorial over at House of Smiths.  The cute printed flowers and brads are from the dollar section at Micheal's. They have packs with cute brads in many colors. 

I like how the lamp turned out. It's the perfect amount of girl whimsy for Eva's side of the room.  

It's not perfect. There are still bubbles, but it looks cute and I don't think anyone notices but me. 

Thank you so much Olga, and Stardust Decor and Style readers for having me over to share my tutorial. 
These are some other projects I have been working on at Creatively Living:

Wishing you all a wonderful week! Come by and visit sometime at Creatively Living!



Today you will find me over at Katie's as we're blog swapping!
I shared some of my own projects, so it would be really nice if you could pop over to her
lovely blog and just say "hi"!
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  1. What a nice post and a good idea with the lamp. I will go and read your blog. Have a nice day.


  2. I came for the lamp...but I am heading over to see the rug!

  3. The lamp is amazing!!Great job Katie!!

  4. I've seen Katie's blog before - great makeover's, especially those kitchen cupboards with the blackboard paint in the back.
    Love the shade remake aswell - lovely addition to the nursery.

  5. Thank you for introducing us to Katie. Thank you for linking to the Thursday Favorite Things Hop. I appreciate your bloggy friendship xo


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