Three Simple DIYs for the weekend

What are your plans for the weekend? What about some good old DIY? Everybody
loves it, especially when it's simple and easy to make. Today I'll show
three different kind of DIYs that will only cost some of your time.
First one is a tutorial on how to create a Faux Milk Glass.

Second one, is how to create Book Storage Boxes. Do you have some scrap books
with hard cover and four hard panels or simple boxes? Then you're all
set for this fine idea that could easily style your coffee table or console.

And last but not least, is these splendid Vintage Votives. All you need is some spare
mason jars, lace or twine and a glue. Easy peasy right?

So which one would you consider doing at your free spare time?



  1. Very cute ideas, I'm off to check out the book one !

  2. Ολα μου αρεσαν Ολγα μου αλλα αυτο που θα κανω ειναι τα βαζακια, ειναι τοσο ομορφα με τα κερακια και αξιοποιεις τοσα και τοσα που μαζευουμε στο σπιτι, φιλακια!

  3. I love the milk glass idea. Cannot beleive how easy it is!


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