An Inspired Room Transformation

This is what this room looked like at first. Wanna see how this lovely couple
transformed it? Ok then, what are you waiting for, scroll down....

It's now a beautiful woodland themed nursery! So lovely and bright and fresh!
But most of all what I like best is the thought of caring that went into that
room, it shows right? Loved the hand painted tree branches and that photo
on the wall with the little yellow boots between them!



  1. Μετάλαξη .... εντάξει πριν ήταν χάλια ... αλλά τώρα Υπέροχο!

  2. This room is so cool Olga, the styling is amazing. You're right, the painted trees are great, and I love the colourful framed antlers.

  3. Το χρώμα του τοίχου μου αρεσει πολύ και θέλω να βαψω το δωμα΄τιό μου, μας ξεσηκώνεις!

  4. Such a transformation, I love the pops of yellow against the grey. Would work well in any number of rooms - not just for a nursery.

  5. Πλάκα εχει!


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