My Dream Holiday Home!

One of my favorite blogs that I derive inspiration from, is Vicky's home, where I often find some hidden treasures! Such a treasure is this gorgeous country home in Cantabria. Completely
different style from this house in Cantabria that I recently blogged about, but oh! so girly
and romantic! I have to admit that when I'm dreaming of owing a holiday house in the
country (one day I will my friends, one day) this is exactly what I have in mind!



  1. What a pretty place! Love it Olga!!

  2. I like this girly-country style! :)

    Yes Olga, strangely for this season, here in the north of Italy it's cold :(
    Yesterday I was at the beach, it was sunny but we were completly dressed imposisble to bath or sunbath :(

  3. Γlυκίτατο!

    Καλη εβδομαδαααααααααααα :)

  4. Το βρίσκω κι εγώ υπέροχο! ΄Οταν λοιπόν αποκτήσεις κάτι ανάλογο - δεν λέω 'αν', λέω 'όταν' - ένα καφεδάκι και μια ξενάγηση ελπίζω να τα κεράσεις! Καλή εβδομάδα.

    1. Πολύ ευχαρίστως! Και τώρα που το σκέφτομαι, δεσμεύομαι εδώ δημοσίως, πως όταν (?!) αποκτήσω ένα τέτοιο σπίτι, θα κάνω πάρτυ που θα είναι μόνο για εσάς τις bloggo-φίλες!

  5. ooh yes, just lovely, and I really like the fact that they've whitewashed the beams so that it doesn't look too dark inside.

  6. Love this home. Gimme it!!


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