Dreams by the Beach

Is summer approaching where you live? If not, are you dreaming of hotter days and nights? 
Cause I have some special beach photos to show you and help you visualize either the 
upcoming summer or your dream. Look at these pics and I'm sure you'll feel the 
fresh breeze!

Thanks for Making This Possible! Spread The Word!


  1. Oh beach, take me to the beach. Thank you for the visual visit, I really have to go sometime soon!


  2. Αυτο το πανέμορφο σπιτάκι θα σκότωνα για το είχα :)

  3. Just heading to the beach to sunbath, as the sea is not warm enough for me. Those pics are beautiful, wish we have at least one sandy beach like that. Beauty of our beaches is too wild ;)


  4. Wow, seeing those pictures make me realize that I definitely need SUN!!!
    Spring is awful here in Paris, cold, rain ...!

    GIVEAWAY for my blog anniversary ladies ;)

  5. I go to the beach a lot, unfortunately mostly to work, and the weather isn't so good in the UK, unfortunately !

  6. Για ακόμη μια φορά, υπέροχες εικόνες Όλγα!!!


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