Updating Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one place in your home you can go to relax. You're able to shut yourself
away for a couple of hours of peace and quiet behind a locked door, soak in the bath with 
a good book and let yourself float away. If your bathroom is starting to look a little outdated
though, the little things might start to annoy you while you're trying to relax. Think about 
that light that glares just a little too bright, or the tiny crack in the edge of the mirror. 
These are the things that can easily be solved, but if you're looking for ultimate luxury, 
you might need to spend a little bit more.

If you enjoy a soak in the tub, you should start researching luxury baths to find out what
kind would be best for you. Some people are just happy to have a good sized tub, whereas
others might like theirs a little fancier. There are a huge range of options, such as square
Jacuzzi style baths, with different whirlpool settings and capacities of up to 460 ltrs.
Inset baths that dip down into the floor like a pool are popular at the moment and give
your bathroom that luxury spa feel without leaving the house.
There are a number of cheaper ways that you can update your bathroom however. Just brighter
the space up a little, add a few pot plants and lamps with pretty shades around the room.
Lighting can make the biggest difference to a room, particularly one with a number of mirrors
and tiles that bounce the light straight back at you, so make sure you've got your lights positioned correctly or perhaps add a dimmer switch so that they're not that harsh lighting you tend to find
in cheap bathrooms.
If shabby chic is the style you're going for but are finding it hard to stop it looking just plain
shabby, it is recommended to stick to a general color scheme or theme. Perhaps you like the
idea of the room being mostly in shades of blue with a nautical theme? You could try displaying 
an ornamental boat on a shelf or windowsill, pictures of anchors or seagulls around the room,
or pieces of frayed rope around the edges of the mirror. To keep it from going too far to the 
shabby side, make sure that all your towels and bath mats, are the same color and that bottles
and pots are kept away in cupboards or neatly out on shelves. 
It really is easy to keep your bathroom looking good, whether on a budget or not. Try a few of
these simple tips and see what you think.

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  1. O.k.Αυτό το μπανιο της 2ης φωτο θέλωωω! Βέβαια αυτά που γράφεις για couple of hours κ.λπ. το κατανοείς οτι είναι σενάρια επιστημονικής φαντασίας οταν έχεις 2 παιδιά έτσι; Οπότε μαζί με το μπανιο βάλουμε και λίγο ελεύθερο χρόνο, please! καλημέρα!

    1. Χαχα! Ναι έχεις δίκιο, προφανώς η κοπέλα που έγραψε το άρθρο δεν έχει παιδιά κι έτσι ίσως έχει αυτή την πολυτέλεια!

    2. .... βέβαια εάν είχα αυτό το συγκεκριμένο μπάνιο της 2ης φωτό, μωρέ θα την έκλεινα την πόρτα και 2 και τρείς ώρες κι ας γινόταν απ'έξω ο κακός χαμός! :)

  2. Θα θελα αυτο της 2ης φωτογραφίας και θα πρόσθετα μια σανίδα στο μπαλκόνι και απο κάτω μια πισίνα,
    ωστε να ρίχνω εναν πήδο και να βρίσκομαι στα νερά τις πισίνας :)

  3. Ohoho, sprucing up a bathroom with a luxury chandelier is the way to go!

  4. Καλησπέρα και από εδώ!
    Λοιπόν, πολύ μ αρέσει ο τρόπος που γράφεις, καθώς και τα θέματα που επιλέγεις!!
    U just find a new follower :)
    I ll be here a lot!


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