How to Host a Cocktail Party

Bored of dinner parties and drinks in your local pub? If you’re looking for a new way to 
entertain your friends and family, a cocktail party could be the perfect solution. Like all good 
things though, it’ll require some careful planning and preparation. Here, we take a look at 
everything you need to know about hosting a fabulous cocktail party.

Stock up on all the essentials

You might have everything you need already in your kitchen cupboards, but it’s worth checking in advance to avoid any last minute panics. You’ll need an assortment of glasses for all the drinks you plan to serve, possibly including wine glasses and cocktail glasses. Get a few extra in case of breakages, and also make sure that you have plenty of ice. Some glass charms might be useful to ensure none of your guests get mixed up.

Plan your drinks and quantities

The cocktails you could make are endless. The usual favourites include cosmopolitans, margaritas and mojitos, though this is by no means the end of the choice. Try to have a few varieties to
offer your guests, and account for personal tastes. If some people will be driving or prefer to
steer clear of alcohol, make sure that you have some good non-alcoholic options. When
you’re serving up such tasty treats for the drinkers, it doesn’t seem fair to force your
teetotal friends to drink sparkling water.

Prepare some nibbles

The beauty of a cocktail party is that you won’t have to prepare a full meal. Despite this, it’s
still wise to have a few nibbles on offer to keep your guests sustained. Aim to have six small
bites for every two hours, and keep them varied. You might decide to implement a theme, such
as Italian or Spanish, or you might just want to go with the flow. Make things that you can
prepare in advance and just take out of the fridge at the last minute. Savoury snacks should be
the main attraction, though a few sweet items at the end will remind your guests that things
are about to wind up, and will satisfy any sweet teeth.

Consider hiring a bartender

If you really want to impress, why not hire a bartender for the night? It’ll take the pressure off
you, and will certainly create a talking point. For small parties, it’ll probably be much less
expensive  than you’d initially think. Search the internet for providers in your local area, or if
you really are on a budget, draft in a few friends to help out.
If you’ve got these key areas sorted, you only need to focus on having a good time! Ask your guests to dress up, put on your favourite tunes, and make sure that you have a party to remember.
Have you ever hosted a cocktail party in your home? What tips would you share with others 
who want to do the same?

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