Frugal Tips to Decorate Your Home

Living in a messy or not visually pleasing home can affect our mood and our general well 
being more than you can imagine. It is not only important to surround ourselves with 
pleasant, loving people, but also to reside in a place that is nice to be in.

Now, frugality has always been an important skill, especially in the past few years when hard financial times hit the entire world. Let’s take a look at how being frugal leads to being

wonderfully resourceful in one’s home. Obviously, we can’t save a lot on kitchen appliances, computers, bed mattresses and similar, but we can save on almost everything else when it
comes to redecorating. Visit website to check out a huge collection of memory foams and mattresses on budget. We can certainly go beyond what we usually do – buy what we want
for our house – and come up with creative solutions.

The wonders of paint:
If you don’t know how to start redecorating, consider painting. You usually can’t go wrong
with that. Simply painting your walls or wooden furniture can totally change the look of your
home. You can liven up the place by painting the walls different colour in each room.
You can find some old wooden furniture (chairs, tables, nightstands) and paint it green, blue,
red, black or any other colour that would bring life to the room.

You can also remodel it by sanding off the old paint and coating it with primer and several
layers of new paint. In the end, you’ll sand off the top layer a little, so that the previous
layer (ideally white) shows through and gives it a vintage look. Another idea is to buy photo
frames in a dollar store and paint them some vibrant colour, then put photos on walls, shelves, nightstands, cabinets, etc.The best frugal way to shop for paint is to go to a paint store and
check out their selection of returned paint. People sometimes return paint they haven’t used and
it’s often as good as new, but much, much cheaper. Visit Paint Library to purchase paint online
on economical prices.

Keep your home tidy
One strategy for changing the look of your home that costs absolutely nothing is tidying up.
You’d be surprised how different an apartment can look before and after tidying up. Removing clutter from each room, getting rid of unnecessary items, creating more space between furniture and removing rugs to make the pretty wooden floor visible can do wonders to your home.

Find new ways to use what you have
If you have an old suitcase that looks like a treasure box, or a round piece of glass that you
don’t know what to do with, you’re in luck. You can use them as very original looking living
room tables. You’d just need to find an appropriate wooden stump for the glass, and the
treasure box is ready to go as it is. If you have leftover kitchen or bathroom tiles, or you know someone who does, you can use them as wall decoration.

You can repurpose many things around the house to make them look wonderfully new, fresh
and attractive. For example, you can fill an ordinary drinking glass with some pebbles and place
it on a shelf next to books. You can dry some flowers and put them in a vase as centerpiece.
Use plants and flowers to open up or green up your home. Have fun with your children putting your palms in a can of paint and leaving your colourful marks on your children’s bedroom walls.
Think outside the box and come up with new ways to make your home sparkle.

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  1. Great ideas and beautiful pictures. Two of my most talked about decorations are mostly from nature. I have a blue vase (given to me) that holds twigs the children and I collected in the fall, and I have a clear glass hurricane glass that we put pine needles, painted pine cones in white and light green, some acorns we added some silver paint to and a handful of dried cranberries to add some added color punch. They are pretty to look at and cost nothing to make.

  2. I totally agree that a new coat of paint or a tidy room can completely change the look and feel of a room :)

  3. These home decoration ideas are really good and beneficial to giving a stunning look to your home. And give some suggestion to interior design your home. Thanks for sharing these tips.

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