Bathroom Glass Cabinets

Arctic Frameless Shower Enclosure | Rugged Retreat Shower IV The world of glass enclosures encompasses many facets you wouldn't have guessed. There are glass art shower enclosures, there are trendy neo-angle enclosures, and there are even glass enclosures, turned wine cellars. In the

pictures above and below, you can see the newest category of glass art… specifically, ‘3D carved glass art’. These enclosures are hand-crafted carved glass, made to look like icicles and crystal! Glass Art Shower Enclosures There are glass art design studios such as ‘ThinkGlass’ and ‘Sans Soucie Art Glass’ – they both have a large collection of unique glass art shower enclosures for one's home. They’re a combination of art and functionality. Why step into a run-of-the-mill shower, when you can step into a shower enclosure turned “arctic oasis.” You have a style, beauty, and even privacy, all built into the shower enclosure. Wine Cellar – Glass Enclosure (Before and After) Glass enclosures are not only for the bathroom – this is an example of a frameless glass wine cellar. The glass frame allows the space to be temperature controlled, while still looking elegant from outside of the enclosure. Instead of being water-tight, the enclosure is sealed air-tight for better temperature regulation. FRAMELESS GLASS SCREENS: Neo-Angle Glass Shower Doors And when it comes to trendy, look no future than a neo-angle glass shower door for your bathroom. They’re not only at the forefront of bathroom trends, but they actually save a lot of space. That is because neo-angle shower doors are most often installed in the corner of one’s bathroom, and the diamond shape of the shower, ends up saving a lot of room, since it is not an archaic looking, square or rectangular shower door. By replacing the shower curtain and the outdated framed look with luscious frameless glass that shows off your new tile work, you’ll end up with what’s hot in 2013. These are just some of the many unique shower enclosures available on the market. The beauty of glass-art design houses, and glass and mirror companies is that they can custom-create your shower enclosure, the way you want it!

  About the Author Shahab Shokouhi is a staff writer at Dulles Glass and Mirror, an innovative manufacturer of commercial and residential glass products. Follow Dulles Glass and Mirror on Twitter @dullesglass or on Linkedin to see how they’re changing the way glass products are manufactured, customized and delivered.
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  2. Η τελευταία ντουζιέρα είναι τέλεια ! Ευρύχωρη και κλειστή, ότι πρέπει !


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