House Tour: A Summer House in Spain

Do you feel the heat? I mean this is one of the hottest summers here in Greece, so
I'm longing for some fresh air breeze either by going for a swim at the sea, or by searching
in the internet for cool places like this! Ah... much better now, I already imagine myself
sipping a cold ice tea under the pergola after a dive into the swimming pool and feeling the
cool breeze on my body. Do you feel it too?

I just love the mix of white and wood in the interiors. This is such a cool combination.

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  1. Sensational - I could do with a dose of this right now - I am over the cold wet winter we are having in Australia! F x

  2. what a gorgeous house! Love that bathroom!!!

  3. Υπέροχο είναι!!!
    Όλο σπίτια ονειρεύομαι τελευταία και μπαίνει κι αυτό στη λίστα των ονειρικών σπιτιών!!

  4. Πολύ ευχαρίστως θα έπινα κι εγώ ένα παγωμένο τσάι σ΄αυτό το υπέροχο σκηνικό. Να μην πω για τις βουτιές στην πισίνα! Λοιπόν ναι, μια δροσιά την ένιωσα, να΄σαι καλά Όλγα!

  5. What anamazing home - love the outside space and it all looks so cool, even in the sunshine.


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