Stenciled ceiling

Have you ever considered stenciling? Well, perhaps some of you might say "yeah... what's the big deal?" ! But have you ever considered stenciling the ceiling? Well... much harder right? And to make it even harder... what if you happen to have four kids during this process? Luckily some women are not afraid to put their hands - and hair for that matter - into some paint! Stacy from Not just a housewife dared to do that and the results are really rewarding.




She also made this beautiful chadelier, as she couldn't put the old ceiling fan back up after the ceiling got such a great makeover! You can see the how to here.

For the tutorial and more tips and details on how to achieve this look, please press here.
Well, what do you say? Anyone feeling a little more crafty now?




  1. Never considered stencil (or wallpaper) on a ceiling, I like that!

  2. That was the nice and perfect ceiling.Thanks to provide.

  3. What a gorgeous ceiling...

    I wish I have the skill to do something like that.

  4. @Ann I think we could all do it! It just takes time! You should give it a try!

  5. @Cristina I hadn't thought it myself either! But now i do...

  6. It's great Olga, and you're right, I think anyone could have a go. I have worked on a few ceilings (mostly gilding) and the hardest thing is the sore arms and achy neck - so just take it slow !! love Fiona x

  7. Αχ, βρε Όλγα μου, χάσαμε που χάσαμε την Εύα μην χάσουμε κι εσένα τώρα που πήρες φόρα

  8. @Kat Οχι βέβαια δεν θα με χάσετε! Αύριο πρωί έχουμε το "Saturday's inspiration". Και μετά πάλι Δευτέρα εδώ θα είμαι. Και τον άλλο μήνα σας έχω μία έκπληξη... σσσσσσ! είσαι η πρώτη που το λέω....

  9. This is gorgeous! Great find.

    Returning tue follow from happy hour projects, thanks for dropping by!


  10. It certainly is beautiful! Can't imagine how long that took, but it was well worth the effort.


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