DIY: A Changing Table, a Nursery and a Rug!

Hello there! How are you doing this lovely morning?
Do you fancy some DIY today? Yeaaaaaaaaah
Well, the best part of the makeovers is the before and the after pictures. Am I right guys? Who doesn't love comparing a before and after photo? I know I'm craving for this!
So, today we have some transformations from a lovely couple who own the blog Sawdust and Embryos.
They first revamped this old and cramped dresser to a changing table for their nursery (twins were on their way!), and they took it from this....

to this...

Can you believe the transformation? Really great ah? It's really worth visiting their blog to see the full tutorial and how they used a projector to paint that drawing on.

Then they completed the nursery and they revealed it to us here.

See that beauuuuuuuutiful tissue paper mobile over the bed? I find it very cute and girly!
You can check the how to here.

And lastly, Beth stenciled the plain and boring rug they had in their living room all by herself.
See here how she turned this rug from this....

to this...

Have you been up to any DIY project lately?


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