I've been awarded!

Today when I opened up my e-mails I saw that I had received an award. An award? Me? For what? And from whom?

Apparently this award was sent to me from Sarah of Hallway Happenings. Thank you very much Sarah for this! I really appreciate it that I was one of your top five picks!She has a lovely blog and she likes making all that crafts. She recently made an outdoor couch out of pallets which I loved and she makes it seem so simple to create and so beautiful! Pay a visit and you'll see what I mean. 
As I found out "Liebster" is a German word meaning "Dearest" and this award is sent to new bloggers (with fewer than 200 members) who have potential, to show them off and help them grow bigger. The acceptance of the award requires a few thins of the winner - in this case... me!

  • Thank the person who gave it to you and link back to her blog
  • Copy and paste the award on your blog
  • Give the award to 5 other bloggers who you think that they deserve it somehow and notify them by commenting on one of their post.
  • Request them to also send the award to 5 others that they would choose to honor.
Well here are the five blogs that I chose to pass it on:

Fiona at Just Paint it white - she's one of my oldest followers and she's included me in her Blog Roll too! She's so sweet!

Kelli at The Inspired Collection - she likes crafting, and she has a link party every Tuesday. So head over and link up!

My from Space 46 - new blogger and such a sweet girl.

Anna at Design Ethos - she has a great blog with the most beautiful pics ever!

Sherika at Passionately Perfect - she also shares a link party every Thursday. Go and link up!

Please pay a visit to all of these adorable bloggers. They all have something new and interesting to share with you. And don't forget to leave a comment. And if you follow them... I know for sure that this will make them a little more happier!



  1. Thank you Olga for giving me this award!!! I have been super busy, I will make a post about this the first week in December. My from Space 46

  2. Dear Olga, Thank you so much for the award, it's so lovely of you to choose me. Just trying to sort out my list of 5 bloggers to pass it onto. Will post as soon as I can about it - Thanks again Fiona xxx

  3. Congratulations on your award, Olga! Thanks for entering my current giveaway. Good luck.



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