Eclectic Living

Are you a free spirit? Is your characteristic the freedom of expression? Are you the type of person who likes living outside of the box? Then most likely you enjoy living eclectically and most probable you own such a room if not an entire house. 
An eclectic style is full of unexpected items, including at least two or more decor styles. 
An eclectic room may be defined by play with color, shape or function. It is never boring. But you have to be careful if you try to attempt this style, as you need to pay attention to each object you include. 
Take a look at the following fantastic eclectic rooms for instance and see how it works. It may help you out and get some more ideas. 

MJ Lanphier eclectic living room

Living Room / Dining Room. eclectic living room

Soho Loft eclectic living room

sfgirlbybay eclectic living room

NYC Fashion PR Firm eclectic living room

living room eclectic living room

Loft shots eclectic living room

ABC Dragoo eclectic living room

Seating Area eclectic living room

The sparkin new home eclectic living room

Images via Houzz

What about you? Which one of the above images is your favorite?
As for myself... I can't decide on which one. They are all so perfect!



  1. I love so many of them I can't actually pick a favorite! I like each space for their different elements. I am absolutely swooning over the pair of gorgeous black and white striped curtains and the beautiful turfed pink sofa!

    Have a fabulous week ahead, Olga!



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