House Tour: Home in Madrid

Hello lovelies! We had a long weekend here as we celebrated Ash Monday. Unfortunately the
weather didn't help for some mini excursion, as it has been raining for the last three days.
However, this did not stop us from many other activities, and this includes seeing good
friends and eating a lot! Anyway, I think I'm mumbling, so I'll just stop talking
so that you can enjoy this beautiful, eclectic home in Madrid.

found at vintage and chic


  1. Αυτο κι αν ειναι mix n' match! Ξεχώρισα την κατασκευή γύρω απο το τζάκι και το μαρμάρινο ριγέ δάπεδο στον διάδρομο. Και το υπνοδωμάτιο πανέμορφο!
    Ένα καλό υπόλοιπο εβδομάδας να έχεις!

  2. This apartment is absolutely gorgeous, I love all of it. It's got great details like the beamed ceilings and balconies but I love their style too, and those non-symmetrical shelves round the fireplace are great.

  3. OHMYGODDESS! Hola, Olga. Such a beautiful house. I did not see such wonderful surroundings in Madrid during my two trips there, in October 2002 and January 2012, with my beloved Mr. Don, but now I want to do my house over totally. First time in Madrid we stayed in a grand hotel just off the Sol de -something. Having a senior moment here. The second time, our last trip together, as Mr. Don passed away in October, 2012, we stayed a a tiny 4 story walk-up hotel, family owned, just a block or so off the Paseo del Prado. It was lovely! Tiny rooms, but a fabulous location. I love all the color and pattern, especially the pattern. Time to wake this house up, think.


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