7 Tips to Create Magic in your Bedroom with Cuddly Cushions

Cushions are the budget-consious decorator's friend, allowing him or her to add sumptuous
touches, vibrant colours and deep textures easily and without being forced to change the
entire decor of the room. Cushions work particularly well in bedrooms, as well as
living rooms, adding an overall appeal and sense of comfort to every bedroom.

Liven up the Plain
Small bedrooms look better with smoth blocks of colour, but this can look a little dull and
 boring, The addition of some very brightly coloured, patterned cushions can lift the room
away from plainness and infuse it with a wonderfully whimsical air. Even the smallest room
will not find a pair of lively cushions to be too "busy" and loud for comfor.
Apply Texturing
Detailed, intricate textured fabrics look great, but can be quite uncomfortable to sleep on! It
does not matter how beautiful your bedroom looks, if you wake up every day with ridges
and swirls imprinted all over your aching body. Choosing textured cushions allows you to
easily add interest and depth to your bed or bedroom chair, but also allows you to tip
them onto the floor for a good night's sleep.

Accent Notes
Using cushions in your decor allows you to transform your room in just a few simple steps.
If your bedroom is mainly white, simply changing the colours of the cushions can dramatically
change the appearance of the whole room. Cushions can be used to harmonise with the main
theme of the bedroom, or they can contrast brightly, adding a splash of difference to corners.
For very bright and colorful cushions, my most favorite store is Yorkshire Linen Co. store.
Cushions are excellent toos to make, change or move the focal point of a room. A brilliant splash of colour will draw the eye, as will a deeple textured or vividly patterned cushion. Knowing this, and making use of it, can see you easily shifting the focal point or points in your bedroom. Experiment a little until you see the room of your dreams emerging.
Cushions are perfect for infusing a room with feminine and frivolous touches. Pure white, lacy cushions look delightful, while floral patterns and delicate textures add a hint of the luxurious boudoir to any bedroom. Choose intensely feminine colours and patterns, and allow cushions to become very frilly, they are such small touches that your bedroom is in no danger of becoming excessively dainty!
Cushions can be used to imbue a room with serious depth. Metallic colours, smooth silks and large, well-filled cushions look very grown-up. These can even be used to include some masculine notes into a room, perfect for bachelors or the transition from young boy to man. The right sombre cushion can even help to draw the room together, creating an attractive room with fussiness.
Pick Out Colours and Theme
Match cushions covers to the walls and your bedding to enhance both the theme and colour scheme of the bedroom. You can find beautiful bedding in almost to set the tone for the rest of the decor to follow, then pick out no more than three colours. Choose cushions in those colours and scatter them artfully on the bed, with maybe one or two being reserved for the bedroom chair, if you have one. You will be pleasantly surprised at how this pulls the theme together, making the room complete and polished. Colorful and bright wall stickers can also add grace to any place. 

Cushions are an invaluable tool in the hands of an interior decorator, and should be embraced for all the benefits that they bring to a room!


  1. You're so right, one can definitely never have enough cushions !

  2. I love cushions for ALL the reasons you've listed!

  3. Δώσε μου μαξιλάρι και πάρε μου την ψυχή χα χα!


  4. I love the cushions, is a great way to give any room in your home an instant makeover!

  5. I like cushions mainly in the sofa. Having too many cushions in the bed can be visually appealing but not so easy to maintain.

  6. Just wow outlook of the living rooms and the cushions are playing a vital role in making them just wonderful. I am just hoping that my house will also have this type of finest look so that I will enjoy the pretty look of my housespecially cushions cover are the main reason for this fabulous look of the house


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