A Simple Neutral Color Home

An open plan apartment of 86 sq.m. in Sweden with a generous balcony and a French one on
the other side, surrounded by a courtyard. White-wash walls and wooden floors make the
space feel cozy and warm. Plenty of natural light peeking in from the large windows.
Simplicity at its finest!


via Fantastic Frank



  1. Υπέροχο σπίτι!

  2. Το έκανα για παραπάνω απλο 86 τμ! Και αφήνουν βλεπω τα παιδάκια να ζωγραφίζουν το τοίχο!

  3. Πολύ ξεκούραστο περιβάλλον. Και αυτή η καφέ ταπετσαρία(?) είναι πολύ ιδιαίτερη.

  4. Hola Olga!

    What a beautiful apartment. I had to do a search to find the conversion from square meters to square feet: 86 square meters = 925.696296 square feet. Actually, where I live (in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA), we have many homes built right after WWII, when the Great Depression had ended and hundreds of thousands of veterans were coming home and going to work in the factories, or going to college on the new GI Bill that paid 4 years college tuition for veterans. Many of those homes, thousands of which are lived in today because they are not so old, after all, are a couple hundred square feet smaller than 925.7 square meters! I have a friend who lives in a small home that is about 800 square feet. Being in Wisconsin, however, our houses are usually built with 11-course basements (8 feet tall), and thus the "rec room" and "laundry rooms" in the basements of the 1950s were born, together with the concrete covered patio out in the small back yards. Often basements also held dad's workshop, where he turned out coffee tables and side tables and small bookcases, either in the neo-modern style or with elaborately turned "19th century" legs. Being American born, I do not know what the experiences were like in Europe after the war, other than reading about the camps that housed thousands of displaced persons trying to get back to countries that no longer existed. Oh my! Sorry, I did not mean to get all historical and sentimental. What I like most about the apartment you featured is how much bigger it lives and looks than it's actual square meters. The decorating and design are masterfully done. I love the enclosed courtyard where kids can play in safety, too, along with the private balcony off the master bedroom. How lovely to sit out there with one's significant other after the kids go to bed, and enjoy a glass or two of wine and watch the stars, as the cares of the day slowly waft away in the cool evening breezes. Open, and yet sheltered at the same time. The perfect blend of harmony. All that is missing is a fireplace, LOL!


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