What If...

... you would have to wash dishes in this gorgeous kitchen, would you mind?

... you had to prepare a dinner and dine in this bright sunroom, would you mind?

...you had to invite friends over for a cup of coffee in this mid-century living room,
would you mind?

...you had to clean up this bathroom after you've enjoyed a good soaking in this bath tub,
would you mind?

Home in Spain 14
...or you had to lounge here doing nothing but staring at the view, would you mind?

...you would have to take care of this mini garden and then walk right straight into these doors, would you mind?

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  1. Καθόλου όμως δεν θα με πείραζε!!!


  2. Ειδικά αυτό με το μπάνιο υπέροχο! Και ας το καθάριζα συνέχεια. Τώρα για τα πιάτα ε, μάλλον θα με πείραζε. Καλημέρα Όλγα!

  3. Αχ...η πρώτη εικόνα απλά ονειρεμένη! Τα θέλω όλα από εκεί μέσα!

  4. Μα καθόλου δεν θα με πείραζε!!!

  5. Εγώ πάω αμέσως εκεί που είναι οι πολυθρονούλες από baboo, ξέρετε εκεί που είναι το μωβουλί χαλάκι...! Έρχεστε...? Κερνάω καφέ!

  6. I wouldn't mind at all !
    Where can I enter the competition to win, lol !

  7. Ego kai mono sto sunroom na eixa , tha mou eftane ^^


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