My Gypsy Boho Heart!

I was never fond of camping, but this way.... YES PLEASE!!!
Seeing these pictures, I can close my eyes and imagine of sheikhs laying down surrounded
by female bodies in veils, sensually dancing, giggles and engraved glasses filled with wine.
Come with me to a journey into time...

via Desire to Inspire


  1. I'm with you Olga, I don't like camping, but I could definitely cope with this. And if a sheikh was hanging around I'd be very happy !!

    1. Everybody agrees Fiona, so let's go all together and fill the tent with fellow bloggers! :)

  2. Αυτο αν θεωρειται καμπινγκ , εγω που δεν ειμαι καθολου φαν, πηγαινω κατευθειαν!

  3. Ναι ναι ναι ... κι εγω ερχομαι κάτω απο αυτη τη τέντες :)

    1. Πάμε όλοι μαζί λοιπόν! Να γεμίσει η τέντα μπλογκόφιλους!

  4. I love camping, but these spaces look so welcoming I want to be there.

  5. Κοιτα να δεις που θα γίνει κάμπερ στα γεράματα χα χα!


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