Wood & White

Dropping by to show you the latest photo I just pinned to my board on pinterest, which
is one of my favorite settings. Natural elements, wood, white and black, a unique coffee

table, set the scene in this room and make it feel so serene and cohesive.
Heading off to some errands now!


  1. Πολυ ωραίος χώρος. Το λευκό με το ξύλο ειναι ο αγαπημένος μου συνδυασμός!

  2. beautiful, as always! Love that wood colour

  3. Beautiful setting! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  4. Beautiful picture,the combination of white and black in their correct doses is always modern, elegant and sophisticated .
    x Vicky

  5. I agree, great colour and texture combination - have a lovely weekend Olga x

  6. Έχει άλλη αρχοντια το ξύλο!


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