Steal the idea... Dine Out!

Weekend is already here and I'm flirting with the idea of dining out, and by saying out
I mean out-out! Outside at an open space where nature surrounds me. Why don't you
consider stealing this idea too? It could be somewhere in a park...

...or at your backyard / patio...

...or even by the sea...

Wish you a happy and colorful weekend my friends!
Enjoy nature!

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  1. Ωραίες οι ιδέες σου ... θέλει λιγο κουβάλημα επίπλων ... αλλά θα το απολάμβανα. Και οι φωτο στην άμμο ακόμα πιο ωραίες!
    Καλό Σ/Κ...

  2. so fabulous! Happy weekend Olga!

  3. You made my day....! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Such pretty ideas!! All that is needed is reliable good weather now!!

  5. I love to dine al fresco and the balmy beach air has been perfect lately. My seating isn't not as spectacular as all the scenes you showed.

  6. Η πρώτη και τελευταία φωτογραφία
    ε'ιναι η απόλυτη γκλαμουριά χα χα!

  7. Πόσο τέλεια η πρώτη φώτο!


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