The Yellow Windows

yellow window (via
Thinking of painting your door or window frames and cannot decide on a color? Take a look
at what I'm suggesting today. Think yellow! Everything seems different, brighter and happier
when you look through a yellow window. It puts a smile on your face, don't you think?

Or... in another case... it could be a yellow door! Still makes me smile! :)

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  1. oh that second one is STUNNING! Thanks for the collection :)

  2. Κι εμένα με κάνουν να χαμογελώ τα κίτρινα σου σήμερα :)

  3. I never thought of painting the trim yellow, it looks amazing. Hugs, Marty

  4. Love it, especially the first (window) and the last (door)!

  5. I can appreciate it, but still couldn't do it, yellow is just too yellow for me - lol !
    However, I love the overlay of paint that goes over part of the window and part of the wall, on the penultimate pic - very funky !

  6. Η πόρτα φοβερη!
    Τι ωραιος χρωματικος συνδυασμός κίτρινο με σκούρα ώχρα!

  7. That yellow is just my kind of thing! First photo blows my mind totally. btw Thank you Olga for being such a lovely person...just wanted to say that :)


    1. Thank you hon for all your nice and kind words! xoxo


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