Celebrating Ash Monday

Taking the day off today to celebrate Ash Monday with family and friends.
Today is the day that we head outdoors for a picnic and fly away our chartaetous (sorry
I don't know the english word for this, if you do pls enlighten me!) and we mostly eat seafood.
In general  this is what happens all over Greece in pictures...

Καθαρά Δευτέρα: Ηθη και έθιμα στην Ελλάδα
Τα ήθη και έθιμα της Καθαράς Δευτέρας
Have a wonderful day everyone, and enjoy the gatherings and the outdoors!
Thanks for Making This Possible! Spread The Word!


  1. The word is "kites"
    Have a nice Kathari Deftera Olga!

  2. Πριν λίγο γύρισα με τη ζεστή λαγανα στο σπιτι ... Εφτιαξα καφέ ... σερφάρω και τσιμπάω!
    Καλη ημέρα να ζεις Όλγα μου!

  3. Beautiful selection of photos!
    I think that the word you're looking for is "kite".
    Now let's go out and seize the day!

  4. it's a great tradition, Olga. By "chartaetous" you mean "kites"? Have a wonderful week.

  5. εύχομαι να πέρασες πανέμορφα!!

  6. Enjoy your day, I would love to be enjoying a similar day but we are smack dab in a return of winter.

  7. Ελπίζω να περάσατε όμορφα σήμερα ΄Ολγα. Καλή σαρακοστή!


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