Chairs: What to Consider Before you Buy

As well as being a functional piece of furniture for us to rest and relax in after a long day, 
a chair can also serve as an important design statement for the home. If you are looking to 
purchase a new chair for your living room then make sure you read this list of top tips to 
help you choose the perfect chair.

If you have already bought yourself a stylish chair with the intention of making it the main 
feature of your living room then positioning is key. A chair that has been placed in a prime 
position in a room will become the central focus for your guests when they come to visit 
and instantly make a room more appealing. Try moving your chair to different spots in the 
room and rearranging other items of furniture to accommodate this. Take care to bear in 
mind aspects such as which spots gain the most sunlight and are in the shade, the location 
of doorways, the proximity to other chairs for communication purposes, and also that the 
chair is an appropriate size for the space you are trying to fill. There’s nothing worse than 
trying to cram a huge chair or sofa into a space that is simply too small or already 
over-filled with furniture.
As well as the positioning of your chair, take care to opt for a colour and style that 
matches  not only the rest of the decor in the room, but also suits the message you are 
trying to convey through your design choices. Bold colours are great if you are looking 
to emphasize your bright personality or want to add a splash of colour to your living room 
without incorporating it into the main decor theme. After all, it’s much easier to change your furnishings than completely redesign a room if you do decide to change your colour scheme. 
Again, think carefully about the overall style you are trying to create. Is your living room 
meant to ooze class and sophistication or be an oasis of calm to chill out and relax in? 
Make sure you take into account these key features first before making your final purchase decision. For some more inspiration check out this colourful range of chairs. They each 
have their own clear style and make a statement about their owners’ interior design tastes. 

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  1. Love the first ones, but it is really necessary to search for comfort first and then design.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  2. Very detailed and informative post.......

  3. I've always been madly in love with chairs, I would buy them all! SO the first thing I need to consider is always... money!

  4. Με τις καρέκλες εχω θεμα ... μου αρέσουν τρελά! Μια καρέκλα λιγο διαφορετική, στυλάτη, ντιζαϊνάτη ... μπορεί να αλλάξει στο λεπτό ένα χώρο.


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