The Parisian Apartment of a Designer

So, this is how Interior Designers decorate their own houses! Wallpapers, textured walls,
various patterns in every room, modern posters and classic paintings, stripes... and yet it
does not - in any way - look busy or tiring to the eye. On the contrary it looks fresh and
bright, I have a strong belief it is because of the monochromatic color palette.


Those cabinets are to die for!


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  1. My goodness! That is absolutely stunning.

  2. A luxurious ans super chic appartment! That's the Parisian aesthetic.


  3. Wow, it has "Paris" glamour written on every wall :)) The living room is fantastic, I am in love with the couch and the whole combination!

  4. 'Ενα σπίτι υψηλής αισθητικής! Λάτρεψα την ριγέ ταπετσαρία της τραπεζαρίας, τα σύννεφα στο καθιστικό και τα εκπληκτικά ντουλάπια της κουζίνας!

  5. I liked the wall design in the dining room

  6. AMAZING! That's What I could only say :) I love them so much for few reasons: Very Well designed! not usual and ordinary designs. So clean in a term of colours. Very Light - I adare light spaces :)


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