Today I'd like to...

...wake up, dress comfy and stay in for a quiet and relaxing day off...
Pinned Image the windows, smell the fresh air and feel the sun... a room like this...
Debi Treloar

...take my bath here...
Huge Stone Bathtub. Please!
...invite friends over and lounge here...

...have lunch here...

...sit by the fireplace with a glass of wine here...

...and sleep here...

Simple things, nothing too fancy.
Have a lovely week my friends!

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  1. So beautiful start of the week!!!! I love retro picks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Have a lovely week ahead!

  2. Hi Olga,
    Oh, I could live in the last room.
    And, look at that cable knit BLANKET!

    ~ Dana

    1. Exactly this was what caught my attention! Awesome right?

  3. I just like the idea of doing everything from that lovely big bed - although I have to take the dog for a walk and I have a dentists appointment tomorrow !!

    1. Sorry to hear that you cant curl up in a bed like this! :-)


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