Tips for Sprucing up a Room

Today's tips are brought to you by Sierra at Ocean Dreams 
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Simple Accents that
Make Your Home Ravishing
If you’re in need of simple décor elements to spruce up the interior rooms in your home finding
just a few new accent pieces may be a lot easier than you think. It’s important to look over your overall design in the room first before deciding what new items to buy. Observe the theme 
you currently have or decide what theme you’d like to switch to.  It might only take a few 
subtle changes to obtain the look you’re after as opposed to redoing the entire space.

Accent Pillows

If you have a room with mostly neutrals and need just a pop of color, find a brightly
colored pillow. Maybe a hot pink pillow or a fun shade of blue is exactly what you need in a room
that just needs a splash of color. Also consider incorporating pillows with fun elements
such as sequins. The right amount of sparkle will liven up the room and
make it feel glamorous and inviting.

sunburst mirror wisteria

Accent Wall Art

Maybe it’s time to incorporate a new theme in a room.
Changing a room’s theme can be as simple as swapping out an old piece of artwork for a new one
on the wall. If you are going after an ocean theme find a painting of the ocean you adore.
If you’d rather have a room that’s glitzy, find a print of New York City or another city that’s
your favorite. Create a theme you love and the room will feel brand new.

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Accent Wall Colors

Have you thought about changing the color of one wall in a room or doing something bold and
unexpected like adding a brick wall behind your furnishings? The unique look will become
a focal point in your interior and guests will love the overall appearance.
Paint away and make sure the wall color compliments your furnishings and other
décor elements – you don’t want to have to paint the wall a different shade all over again!

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Sierra is a freelance writer and blogger. She loves writing
about interior design and fabulous accent pieces and furnishings such as a sofa.
Catch up on her latest happenings at her Ocean Dreams blog.

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  1. I need more than pillows, but they would be a good start on my spruce up!


  2. I love adding a pop of color to my decorating too.I really love white and lace.But I still have to have a pop of color.Great inspiration!

  3. Thanks for the guest post opportunity again Olga! Hope the rest of your week is fabulous & love all of the gorgeous interior design pics!

  4. I am thrilled you stopped over! I love your blog! I look forward to following along and submitting some fun projects to your blog!

  5. I am surprised to see the first image because it's a picture of my home. I am glad that Sierra find it inspirational. Perhaps you can give me credit and link it back to my blog? Thanks! :)

    Lovely inspirations, the final image is my favorite!

    Have a lovely day, Olga!



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