My Living Room

Today I'm not gonna show you any of those stylistic and great rooms that I use to, like those from my beloved Houzz. Today's room is not created by an interior decorator... it is made by me and it is my one and only simple and humble Living Room! The pictures were taken a week ago, before we decorate for Christmas. Notice the sunshine outside? It is 18C here in Greece these days! Hope this will change for Christmas. Oh I'm mumbling again! So see the pics below and then I'll tell you what I like, what I don't and what I need to change. So, please follow me and let me tour you!
As you walk through the front door you find the living room at your left. Here it is:

For the Living Room I've chosen curtains as panels. I prefer this straight look, it's more modern!

Here we have the dining room. Or rather... dining space! As I have explained here, in Greece, if you want an  apartment in the city the space will be limited most of the times  and we have to squeeze everything in.

This is here we keep our coats, bags and stuff. Very limited too I know... sigh!

And here is my little dogie! She goes wherever I go! She's always next to me and she couldn't miss the tour!

Now... what I like! I like the curtains, the lighting is very impressive, the sofas, the carpet, the painting and I like the straight lines of our shiny dining table.
What I don't like... the color of the sofas. I'd prefer a whiter look or a grey one. (please don't tell my hubby I said that, as we recently bought them and it was ME that chose this color in the first place!)
I don't like the arm chair - you can see it better here - I have to re-upholster it some time soon. Stay tuned! Nor the clock above the arm chair. Well in fact I like it as it reminds a piece of a fairy tale, but I think that it does not match the style of the rest of the room. So, I'm heading over for a most contemporary piece.
Another thing that I don't like is that little sidetable under that old radio (which was a gift from my father and it is from the late 40's!) I have to move them somewhere else and put a new and more modern side table over there.

So all you decorative divas out there... tell me what do you think? Any thoughts? I would like to hear any comments or suggestions you may have for improving something in my space.

Thank you all for coming by my home today! Hope you liked it!

**Update: see the new mini facelift of the living room here **



  1. You have a beautiful home Olga, thanks for sharing it. :)

  2. Goodmorning!!I am fron Greece too, but as you prefer Endlish for your blog i will make a try to write in English!!
    I like very much in your living room the color of the fireplace!!
    At your sofas i think that you must change pillows, I think that you need pillows with colour(maybe lila),not all the same(you know!!)
    Sorry but i don't like at all your curtains..They are too brown and they don't match with your carpet. I'd prefer white or cream for a brighter result.And you need some brigher colours as you have this wenge furniture!!
    I like very much your white carpet(flokati in greek)but i'd prefer to move it under your table.Both 4 legs to be on it. Furthermore pull it a little from the wall. (Gime it some air, as a common friend -Eva-said)
    The furniture with the radio on it its FANTASTIC!!!Remove it under your clock, insteed of the side table and remove the chair.
    Have you ever try to move your painting in the wall in your dining room??i think it will be much bette there but i am not sure!!

    I hope i help you...

  3. @Janet: thanks for your sweet comment. You have a lovely blog too!

  4. @Dear Little Diary: you don't have to write in English since we're both Greeks! LOL! Ο λόγος που γράφω στα Αγγλικά είναι επειδή έχω πολλούς επισκέπτες από άλλες χώρες, κυρίως Αμερική. Εχεις πολύ δίκιο για την φλοκάτη πρέπει να είναι κάτω από το τραπέζι κι έτσι την είχα αρχικά μέχρι που φάγαμε αρκετές γλύστρες και αποφάσισα να θυσιάσω την διακόσμηση στον βωμό της ακαιρεότητας μας! Οσο για μαξιλαράκια και χρώμα είμαι κάθετη... δεν θέλω χρώμα. Είμαι μονοχρωματικός τύπος!

  5. It's so much fun looking into other people's homes!Thanks for stopping by my blog- following u back!

  6. Very modern and pretty. Love your colors:>

  7. Πολυ ομορφο το σπιτι σου Ολγα !Ζεστο και φιλοξενο!!!!!

  8. Hello Olga
    Wow, what a lovely living space you have!!!I love that brick wall and fire place, The dinning set is gorgeous, the red chairs are amazing!!!
    Your sweet doggy looks like my Lucy Belle...but she is a kitty.
    I Love your blogs. I wish I could get my "follow" button to work...I am following your other blogs so I can keep in touch through that.
    Blessings to you. Oh, and What a dream to live in Greece!!! Mmmm warm:)
    from Canada
    and yes we have lots of snow, brrrr!

  9. Really like your space. I like the sofas, but I do think your pillows need some coloring, and bring in the color in the rug also. The pillows will then pull everything together. I also would put the rug under your dinning room table so all 4 chairs are on top. I love your dining room set. I like the curtain, they pull out the fireplace and walls, but i don't think they go with the rug. Is the rug black and grey? The curtains look brown, so i would pull those colors in to the front room, and I thing everything will flow. thanks so much for stopping by, my post was on My Memories of Mom Mantel. I wish I was in Greece.

  10. @A Touch of Gray: blogger faces so many problems these days. I'll be lucky if I get to view all the blogs I'm following. It shows me only the half of them. I've been trying to become your follower since yesterday but it doesn't seem to work. So frustrating this whole blogger thing! Anyway, i'll try again! Thanks for your sweet comments1

  11. @Cathy: Thank you for you time to comment. I do agree that the white rug should go under the 4 chairs, this is how I used to have it, but you know what? Kids were slipping so I had to put it under the sofa in order to prevent injuries. As for the pillows, probably you're right but I'm more of a monochromatic kind of type! As for the rug and the curtains... yes you've got a point there! Had the rug from our previous house and the curtains was a very spontaneous buy since I liked them so much! One out of two should change though... the rug or the curtains?

  12. You have a beautiful space. I love the fireplace and dining room wall. I agree with the rug needing to be placed under the dining table. You could still leave space for passing between the two area but have the dinig set centered on the rug. I also would suggest tying in some more of the colors from your curtains into cushions and even a throw for the couches.

  13. Thanks for sharing your living room pictures with us Olga. The stone fireplace and dining room wall are beautiful, they are such wonderful features in your home.

    If you want your room to stand out more, perhaps you can paint your wall a darker brown (just two or three shades darker) so the fireplace looks more prominent.

    I think the rug and the curtains are also fighting with each other in terms of pattern, maybe you can change the curtains to a solid color in a darker gray/ darker taupe so that everything look more cohesive.

    Overall, you have a nice place. Glad you share your place with us. Looking forward to see your kitchen and your kid's room. :)

    Have a great day, Olga!


  14. wow what a beautiful home... impactful and lovely!

  15. I love how much light you get in your living room! Our living room always seems so dark, I wish we had windows like yours! Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm your newest follower!

  16. @Jessie: all said taken into consideration! Thanks for commenting!

  17. @Malia: thanks for dropping by and commenting!

  18. @Thrifty Crafty Girl: and I wish I had such a big house as the ones you have in your country with family room, laundry room, guest room, mud room! None of them exist here in common houses or apartments like mine!

  19. What a lovely home! You've done a great job with it too. I've always felt that in decorating, when you choose pieces that you really love, whether it's furnture or a painting or a rug, they will go well together.

    Newly following from Java's Friday Follow! Thanks for the tour!

  20. Your place is amazing! I seriously need to revamp my place lol it's so bland. Thank you for following my blog by they way :-) Your dog is adorable, so much like mine haha She's sitting next to me wondering why I am typing and not rubbing her belly lol xo

  21. Oh you live in is on my list of places I wanna visit soon :) Im originally from Lebanon so I think it is just 3 hours flight :)
    and I love your living/dining ( the other one that i liked before was just profesionnaly photographed ) I love your chandelier and your stone wall
    About that table you can just paint it any light color and it will look so modern.
    As for the sofa just add more pillow and a light throw
    Hope I helped :)

  22. Hey Olga! Just wanted to let you know that I gave you a few solutions for your fireplace inregards to your questions on Houzz - cheers!!

  23. I just love the chandelier it is gorgeous! & I also really like your white rug!


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